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V.I.N.CENT (short for Vital Information Necessary CENTralized) is one of the main protagonists and a robot from Disney's 1979 live-action film The Black Hole.



An optimistic robot similar to both R2-D2 and C-3PO from Star Wars, he is very clever, polite, and smart, though he does have a tendency towards displaying an air of superiority towards those he feels beneath him.

Role in the film[]

V.I.N.CENT served as a utility robot aboard the U.S.S. Palomino and as the crew was on the return journey home he detected the black hole, the largest one he had ever encountered. He also picked up the presence of the U.S.S. Cygnus dangerously close to the hole. as the U.S.S. Palomino went in to investigate they got caught in the black hole's gravity pull. As the ship started to suffer severe damage, V.I.N.CENT went out to affect repairs. He almost got pulled into the black hole but managed to pull himself back to the ship and held on as they escaped the gravity pull and landed aboard the Cygnus.

At first, the crew thought V.I.N.CENT was lost to the black hole but were glad to find him safe and sound. Although he is just a robot, the crew cares for him because he was part of their crew. Charlie Pizer nearly tried to risk his life by going out there to save him until captain Holland ordered him to stay at his post. V.I.N.CENT felt uneasy once they were aboard the Cygnus and nearly engaged a physical confrontation with Reinhardt's number one robot Maximilian. Although Maximilian was ordered to treat the Palomino crew as their guests, V.I.N.CENT still showed no trust to Maximilian or Reinhardt. He also met another robot like him named B.O.B. who warned him about the danger he and his friends were in.

As the Cygnus began to tear apart, V.I.N.CENT and his friends made a run for the probe ship since the Palomino was destroyed when Harry Booth tried to escape. He engaged Maximilian in battle and was almost defeated until he drilled through his circuitry and severed Maximilian's hover stabilizers, allowing the gravity forces to pull Maximilian towards the Black Hole. Although victorious, he lost his friend B.O.B. who was short-circuited by Maximilian. "We'll never be obsolete. Carry on the tradition. We're the best." He escaped aboard the Probe ship with Dan, Charlie, and Kate but get sucked into the Black Hole and out into an unknown galaxy.

Other Appearances[]

Other Films[]

Tron: Legacy[]

V.I.N.CENT is seen on a Black Hole poster in Sam Flynn's room.


V.I.N.CENT can seen on the cover of one of "The Black Hole" comics when Casey shows the owners the Tomorrowland pin.

Video Games[]

Epic Mickey[]

V.I.N.CENT appears in Epic Mickey as a breakable item in Tomorrow City.

Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two[]

Some of his parts appear in the game as a common enemy Blotworx.

Disney Parks[]

Star Tours: The Adventures Continue[]

V.I.N.CENT makes a cameo in Star Tours: The Adventures Continue where he is seen hidden within luggage on G2-9T's luggage scanner in the queue.


  • A robot resembling V.I.N.CENT appears in an episode of Sealab 2021 as a janitorial robot.


Production Concept[]



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