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"Valentine's Dance" is the first segment of the twenty-fifth episode of Big City Greens.


While at the Valentine's Day dance, Cricket refuses to "fall in love" with anyone, but suddenly falls for a girl named Gabriella who asks him to dance with her. Confused he tries to save himself from a romantic fate. Meanwhile, Nancy and Alice get into another spat when they are both placed in charge of chaperone.


The Green family arrives at the Big City Community Center for the Valentine's Day Dance being held there. While Bill, Nancy and Tilly all proudly announce their intent to celebrate in their own way, Cricket and Gramma Alice voice their disapproval of the holiday and the festivities. As they enter, Tilly becomes distracted by a statue of Cupid and takes it upon herself to fulfill her "mission" to make people fall in love by taking the statue's bow and quiver (with suction cup arrows). Cricket encounters Remy, Benny and Weezie and convinces them that falling in love is not something that is for them because he believes it can take things away from them until they're left with no more freedom, and that they should just be single boys forever (ironically pointing Alexander and Terry as examples). As Community Sue sets Bill up at the snack table (where he proudly shows off his veggies and ranch), Nancy is given the job of chaperone. Feeling that she is incapable of handling young people, Alice insists that she also be put in charge of chaperone, which Sue allows because she does not care.

Cricket soon finds himself approached by a girl named Gabriella who wants to dance and immediately becomes a nervous wreck around her and flees in terror. He runs into Gloria, who is waiting for her crush Kevin to arrive, and tells her about the experience he has been having. She deduces that he has a crush and he runs to the pool where he tries to rest, only for Gabriella to arrive and ask him again and he runs away. Tilly tries using her arrows on unsuspecting dancers, but instead realizes that she is simply annoying people. She asks the Cupid statue to imbue his abilities and decides to use a single arrow to make someone fall in love with the first person they see. The arrow bounces off and hits Tilly in the eye causing her to fall in love with a self defense statue much to everyone's confusion.

Alice still refuses to listen to Nancy about chaperoning. After trying to separate two teenagers from dancing, Nancy brings them back together annoying Alice who claims that she is "bad news" and that she is a selfish person who just does what she wants. Nancy agrees and points out that Alice is like that too. Realizing that they are both similar they patch things up. Cricket sees that Weezie and Benny have "fallen in love" and decides to set off the sprinklers to rescue everyone. However, Community Sue sees him and summons Nancy and Alice to stop him. After Cricket tells them of their issue, Nancy explains that love is a complicated thing, but it cannot take things away from him; it can give something really special, and love does not always have to be bad and that it can bring good things as well. Cricket then surmises the courage to accept Gabriella's "love", but she explains that she simply wanted to dance and because he was being to her all night, she instead asked Remy who accepted. Cricket is visibly upset, but ends up asking Gloria to dance as Kevin never showed up. Everyone begins dancing with a partner except for Alice who splits Tilly from the training dummy.



  • Cricket and Tilly wear the same formal clothes from "Photo Op" though Tilly's formal dress and hairbow are colored pink instead of purple and Cricket lacks shoes.
  • The teenagers from "Rated Cricket" make cameo appearances.
  • Community Sue is revealed to also be a DJ, simply named DJ Sue.
  • This episode features possibly the largest amount of returning characters possible.
  • Cricket still does not seem to realize that Alexander and Terry are gay.
  • True to Cricket's tastes in clothing, Cricket wears a nice suit, but does not wear any shoes.
  • Moral: Love doesn't take things away, it's an experience that gives you something special.

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