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The following episodes of the Disney Junior series Vampirina are listed in the order of their scheduled airing. The series premiered on October 1, 2017 on Disney Junior and Disney Channel, beginning with "Going Batty", "Scare B&B", "The Sleepover", and "Portrait of a Vampire". On September 27, 2017, both segments of the first episode were released earlier on YouTube before making their television debut.

It was announced on January 22, 2018 that the series would renew for a second season, along with a third season first announced on September 7, 2018.[1]

Series Overview

Season Episodes Segments Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
1 25 49 October 1, 2017 November 23, 2018
2 25 49 December 7, 2018 April 10, 2020
3 25 49 October 5, 2020 June 28, 2021
Total Series premiere Series finale
1-3 75 147 October 1, 2017 June 28, 2021

Season One (2017-2018)

No. in
No. in
Title Original
01 01 "Going Batty" October 1, 2017 101A
Vampirina is nervous about making new friends after she and her family move from Transylvania to Pennsylvania.
"Scare B&B" October 1, 2017 101B
The Hauntley's open up a Scare B&B and accidentally book two groups for the same night.
02 02 "The Sleepover" October 1, 2017 102A
Vee invites her new human friends over for a sleepover.
"Portrait of a Vampire" October 1, 2017 102B
On Vee's first day of school, she gets frightened during her class photo and leans on her new friend, Poppy, for support.
03 03 "Vee's Surprise Party" October 2, 2017 103A
Vee invites her class over for a party full of spooky surprises.
"Vee Goes Viral" October 2, 2017 103B
While trying to learn a new dance, Vee unknowingly teaches her friends a dance that gets the attention of a competitive ghoul, Dragos the Dancer.
04 04 "The Plant Predicament" October 6, 2017 104A
Edna enters a Green Thumb Contest and accidentally plants some of Oxana's magical Transylvanian seeds.
"Mummy Mayhem" October 6, 2017 104B
When Vee goes on a field trip to the Natural History Museum, she runs into an old family friend, King Pepi.
05 05 "Little Terror" October 9, 2017 105A
Vee and her friends volunteer to babysit for her baby cousin.
"Super Natural" October 9, 2017 105B
When a family of ghost hunters comes to stay at the Scare B&B, Vee and her family spend the day trying to prove that their house is not haunted.
06 06 "Vamping Trip" October 13, 2017 106A
Vee and her family go on a camping trip.
"The Monster Snore" October 13, 2017 106B
A monster gets lost on her way to the Scare B&B and ends up at the wrong house.
07 07 "Bone Appetit" October 16, 2017 107A
Demi brings the infamous Chef Remy Bones to the Scare B&B to help with the meal preparations.
"Woodchuck Woodsies" October 16, 2017 107B
Vee joins Poppy and Bridget at a Woodchuck Wooodsie event.
08 08 "The Little Witch" October 20, 2017 111A
The most famous witches in all of Transylvania come to stay at the Scare B&B with their adorable daughter, Phoebe.
"Hide & Shriek" October 20, 2017 111B
Vee invites her friends over for a game of "hide and shriek".
09 09 "Vampire Weekend" October 23, 2017 112A
During a full moon, Vee and Poppy magically switch places and Vee transforms into a human and Poppy into a vampire.
"The Bird Who Knew Too Much" October 23, 2017 112B
When Vee and Poppy's class pet comes to stay at the Scare B&B, they have to stop the bird from revealing too much about the haunted house to Poppy's brother, Edgar.
10 10 "The Ghoul Girls" October 27, 2017 109A
Vampirina's favorite band, The Scream Girls, comes to stay at the Scare B&B and help Vee and her friends overcome their stage fright.
"Game Night" October 27, 2017 109B
Vee invites her friends over for family game night and teaches them some of her favorite Transylvania games.
11 11 "Oldie But a Ghouldie" November 3, 2017 TBA
When the family does some spring cleaning, Gregoria worries that she'll be thrown away.
"Beast in Show" November 3, 2017 TBA
Wolfie enters a dog show but Vee realizes it's not like the ones back in Transylvania.
12 12 "Critters!" November 10, 2017 TBA
When a Critternarian arrives, Vee tries to help him look after a mysterious egg.
"Cuddle Monster" November 10, 2017 TBA
A cuddle monster staying at the Scare B&B wants to learn scaring techniques from Vee.
13 13 "Batty Fever" November 17, 2017 116A
Vee and her family end up coming down with a case of "Batty Fever" an illness which only vampires get.
"Poetry Day" November 17, 2017 116B
Bridget does not have a poem for Poetry Day, so Vee tries to help her out. But when Vee ends up giving Bridget a book of spells by mistake, she must get it back before Bridget reads from it!
14 14 "Nanpire the Great" December 1, 2017 110A
Vee's grandmother, Nanpire, visits from Transylvania and helps her cook a traditional vampire dish for the class potluck.
"Two Heads Are Better Than One" December 1, 2017 110B
The Scare B&B gets a two-headed guest just in time for the Friendship Festival.
15 15 "Vee is for Valentine" January 12, 2018 TBA
Vee tries to celebrate Valentine's Day and Ghoulentine's Day but mixes up her cards.
"Scarestitute Teacher" January 12, 2018 TBA
When Mr. Gore needs a substitute teacher, Oxana decides to step in.
16 16 "Look Who's Scared Now!" February 16, 2018 TBA
Vee and her family get scared during the town's anniversary celebrations.
"Dust Bunnies" February 16, 2018 TBA
It is time to give the house its one-hundred year clean. While her parents leave to buy some cleaning accessories, Vee and her friends are left to clean the house. Demi tries to use magic to clean the house faster, but instead conjures up Dust Bunnies who begin to wreak havoc.
17 17 "Vampirina Ballerina" March 16, 2018 120A
Vee gets stage fright during a ballet performance.
"Treasure Haunters" March 16, 2018 120B
Vampirina and her friends help a ghost pirate search for treasure so that he can be freed from a haunted map.
18 18 "Mummy's Day" April 27, 2018 124A
When Mary-Margaret Mummyton visits the Scare B&B for Mummy's Day, Vee insists that Oxana take the day off and join her for a relaxing day at the spooky spa.
"Dance-lvania" April 27, 2018 124B
Vee hosts a dance party at the Scare B&B to celebrate her favorite Transylvanian holiday, Dance-lvania Day.
19 19 "Acrobat Boris" June 15, 2018 TBA
Boris gets an invitation to reunite with the Scare-Devils, an acrobatic flying troupe.
"The Lemonade Stand" June 15, 2018 TBA
With a little help from Chef Remy, Vee and Poppy run an irresistible lemonade stand.
20 20 "Hiccupire" July 20, 2018 TBA
When Vee gets a case of the vampire hiccups, Poppy and Bridget struggle to find a way to scare them away.
"Uncle Bigfoot" July 20, 2018 TBA
Boris' old college roommate, Bigfoot, come to stay at the Scare B&B.
21 21 "Fangless" July 27, 2018 122A
After losing her baby fangs, Vee worries they will never grow back.
"Transylvanian Tea" July 27, 2018 122B
Nanpire passes down the family tea party tradition to Vee.
22 22 "Home Scream Home" August 3, 2018 115
Vampirina returns to Transylvania and brings along her Ghoul Girls bandmates, Poppy and Bridget, to compete in a talent competition.
23 23 "Countess Vee" August 24, 2018 123A
Vee trains to become a countess after being named heir to Spookelton Castle in Transylvania.
"Frights Camera Action" August 24, 2018 123B
Vampirina helps Edgar film a spooky monster movie for the school film festival.
24 24 "Hauntleyween" October 1, 2018 119A
Vee helps prepare the house for the family's first Halloween; the family worries about its secret getting out.
"Frankenflower" October 1, 2018 119B
Vee doesn't know what to make for the inventor fair; Gregoria suggests an invention that can bring dead flowers back to life; it works but not quite as expected.
25 25 "Nanpire and Grandpop the Greats" November 23, 2018 TBA
Nanpire and Grandpop come to visit Vee and her family in Pennsylvania and learn about some human holiday traditions.
"There's Snow Place Like Home" November 23, 2018 TBA
When Vee doesn't get the snow day she was hoping for, Demi casts a spell to help cheer her up.

Season Two (2018-2020)

No. in
No. in
Title Original
26 01 "Vampire for President" December 7, 2018 TBA
Vampirina decides to run for class president. However, Poppy is running as well. Vampirina suggests good ideas as a candidate, such as setting up a haunted house for a school fundraiser. But Poppy's ideas include having a school mascot, and she has a better showy campaign. Vampirina wants to drop out of the race due to her scary pins, bad photo, and poor campaigning, but Poppy realizes that fundraising to help a school is more important than a mascot, and chooses Vampirina as the new class president.
"Where's Wolfie?" December 7, 2018 TBA
Poppy wants a pet bunny, but first she has to show her mom she is ready to have a pet by looking after Wolfie.
27 02 "The Woodsie Way" January 11, 2019 203A
Vee and her friends go on their first hiking trip with the Woodchuck Woodsies.
"TNN" January 11, 2019 203B
One of Vee’s oldest friends from Transylvania, Frankie Bolt, comes to visit her in Pennsylvania.
28 03 "Franken-Wedding" February 1, 2019 201A
Frankenstein and the Bride of Frankenstein hold their wedding at the Hauntley’s Scare B&B and give Vampirina a very important job.
"Bat Hair Day" February 1, 2019 201B
Gregoria’s sculpture of the Hauntley family is almost ruined when Vee wakes up with a bat hair day.
29 04 "Baby Dragon" February 22, 2019 205A
A baby dragon visits the Hauntley’s and takes a special liking to Gregoria.
"Gloommates" February 22, 2019 205B
When the Hauntley house becomes infested with Charmer bugs, Edna insists the entire family stay with her while the house is being fumigated.
30 05 "The Ghoul Next Door" March 8, 2019 TBA
Vampirina, Poppy and Edgar get new neighbors.
"Scare B & Vee" March 8, 2019 TBA
While her parents are away, Vampirina volunteers to be in charge of running the Scare B&B.
31 06 "The Birthday Broom" March 15, 2019 TBA
Vee is gifted a Hover Haunt Spook-Thousand broom on first birthday in Pennsylvania.
"Vee Takes the Court" March 15, 2019 TBA
Vee volunteers to sub in on Poppy's basketball team to help win the final game.
32 07 "The Great Egg Scramble" March 22, 2019 TBA
Vee’s first Easter egg hunt turns into a rescue mission after a baby dragon egg accidentally gets mixed in with the other eggs.
"Scare-itage Day" March 22, 2019 TBA
Family Heritage Day is coming up at school and Vee is excited to make a family tree.
33 08 "Desserter Mystery" April 12, 2019 TBA
The Hauntleys travel to Spookelton Castle to celebrate Nanpire’s birthday and Vee makes her a special cake.
"Mirror Mirror" April 12, 2019 TBA
When Vee starts to feel overwhelmed by all she has to do, Demi introduces her to a magic mirror that can create duplicates of herself.
34 09 "Beach Night" June 21, 2019 TBA
Vampirina and her family invite their neighbors on a trip to the beach, but they accidentally leave their special sunscreen at home and try to delay their trip so they can spend a night at the beach instead.
"Gregoria Takes Flight" June 21, 2019 TBA
Vee and Demi attempt to teach Gregoria how to fly so that she can view a rare star constellation.
35 10 "The Big Bite" June 28, 2019 TBA
Chef Remy Bones competes in a televised cooking competition show for humans.
"Ghost Hosts" June 21, 2019 TBA
Vampirina and her friends fill in as hosts of Edgar’s “Weekly Weirdness” show when he becomes sick.
36 11 "The Boo Boys Are Back" July 12, 2019 TBA
The Ghoul Girls and Poltergeist Pat perform at the Paranormal Pop Festival.
"Pixie Problem" July 12, 2019 TBA
Vee practices a new shrinking new spell when a pixie family visits the Scare B&B.


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