Varg is a recurring antagonist in the Buzz Lightyear of Star Command series.

Role in the series

In his first appearance in the series, Varg learns that Emperor Zurg is placing a huge bounty on whoever can get a hold of XR, who has complete access and knowledge of the Galactic Alliance after a brief battle in Warp Darkmatter's last failed mission to cease that same knowledge itself for Zurg, as do all other alien bounty hunters from different planets and galaxies including Rentwhistle Swack. In a restaurant, Varg disguises himself as the chef until XR comes to him, and finally takes off his disguise and zaps XR with an Immobilizer Gun. The team seem no match for Varg, even as Mira Nova tries to rescue XR, who later falls into Tangean Grounder's hands. After a long battle, Varg is finally defeated and arrested by Buzz Lightyear and Booster.

In his next appearance, Varg hires and pays a minion named Crumford Lorak to steal the secrets of the Batheous Defense System for an invasion to steal their crystals from Batheous' senator, Banda, who is on his way to station Luma 9 to discuss peace with other planets including his and Varg's, with a mind-reading ray gun through a tape and have him bring it to him on Luma 9. Later, Varg threatens to blow Lorak and the Rangers up if he does not bring him the tape. On Luma 9, Varg and some of his men meet up with the senators and Lorak posing as Senator Banda. In a private room, Lorak seems to have forgotten his tape back on Buzz's ship where he was escorted to Luma 9, so Varg makes him go back and get it. When the tape is stolen by Yukaris and Lorak is unable to give it to Varg, Varg orders his men to take him away, but Lorak gives them the slip. When Lorak bumps into Buzz and his team, Lorak reveals Varg's plans; making the Rangers realize that the Raenoks would never agree to peace in the first place. Since Lorak ratted Varg out, Varg and his men carelessly set to destroy them all despite Buzz's warnings about firing missiles and the station about to crash due to the Yukaris' interference. Later, Varg takes a senator hostage. Luckily, Booster and XR manage to stop Varg and his men by squirting chocolate at them and allowing the Yukaris to attack and bite them. Then, Varg, his men, and Lorak are arrested.

In his final appearance, on planet Raenok, the council wants their leader, Varg, free and back, and Varg himself wants to be free considering he hates the prison food, which gives him gas. The council agrees that the only way they can get their leader back is if they capture a member of the Galactic Alliance like Booster for a prison exchange. In prison, Varg tries to sleep while XR is left to guard him as Buzz and Mira try to rescue Booster after he has been kidnapped by the Raenoks. However, due to XR annoying and mocking him and his mother, Varg suddenly loses his temper so hard that he is able to break free from his prison cell and escape from prison with XR as a hostage. With Varg now free, no prisoner exchange including XR and Booster is needed anymore except execution. After Booster's parents, Becky and her father, and the LGMs fail to save Booster, thus, foul up Buzz and Mira's plan for rescue, Varg captures Buzz and Mira and vows to take his revenge on Buzz. With everyone in prison, Varg orders everyone executed this instant. Through television broadcast, Varg says hello to his mother and announces his prisoners' execution, with Varg himself serving as executioner. As part of the escape plan, Varg is to be annoyed and mocked at by XR again in front of his people and then challenged to fight Buzz. If Buzz wins, they are free, and if Varg wins, he gets what he wants. After the fight with clubs, Varg loses and gives up, but then reveals that he never keeps his promises, so he intends to finish off Buzz once and for all until Buzz finally defeats him by summoning his invisible ship to land on him and knock him down. Then, the Raenoks threaten to destroy Buzz and his friends until Commander Nebula arrives with the rest of the Rangers to save them.


  • In "Downloaded", Varg does not speak and his skin color is pink.



"The Yukari Imprint"

"Revenge of the Raenoks"

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