Vasquez s a supporting character from the Disney Channel animated series Big City Greens. He is the bodyguard of Remy Remington, Cricket Green's best friend.



Vasquez takes his job very seriously and appears to not have time for fun and games unless he is forced to by his employers. Any minute detail that is off is enough for him to become suspicious. Because of this, he is shown to be very investigative and has very good deductive skills. Deep down, he does have a softer side and views Remy, not just as a employer, but also his friend. The last thing he wants to do is upset him and was visibly distraught and hurt to learn that Remy was mad at him as seen in "Blood Moon". The only thing that can seemingly intimidate him are Remy's parents Russell and Rashida.


Vasquez is a tall well built man with blue skin. He has dark blue hair bunched up into a ponytail and a waterfall mustache (making him look more or less like his voice actor Danny Trejo). He wears large shades and a black suit with a violet tie making him look like a secret agent.


  • He likes to dress as a hot dog every Halloween.
  • He is the third Hispanic/Latino to appear on the show; the first being Carlos, a boy who doubts that Cricket is brave enough to jump off the high dive; and the second being local fitness instructor Juan Pablo.

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