Verb, the first animated black superhero, appears in the Schoolhouse Rock! song "Verb: That's What's Happening."


Verb is the lead character in the in-universe movie Verb: The Movie. He can "take a noun and bend it" and according to the song, doesn't know his own power. He also has an affinity for baseball, as seen when he turns the noun "bat" into the verb "batting" and when he hits a home run in a baseball game near the end of the song.

His super powers include flight, super strength and "verb vision" that turns nouns into verbs (the latter two demonstrated in the Grammar Rock PC game.)

He is notable for being a bit inexperienced as a superhero; for example, he uses his cape to cover himself up when it's raining instead of letting himself get wet like most seasoned heroes would do, and crying when he fails in the PC game.



  • In the Grammar Rock PC game, his sunglasses come off at a certain point.
    • In addition, in the cartoon itself, when he's hit on the head by a baseball, his glasses lower for a split second so you can see his eyes.
Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at 2.21.20 PM

Verb without his sunglasses

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  • Verb was the first black male superhero character in a Saturday morning cartoon.
  • His costume's colors are an inverted version of Superman's. Furthermore, he uses Superman's catchphrase "Up, up, and away!" in the Grammar Rock PC game. The three-note tune when he enters is also borrowed from John Williams' Superman theme.
  • Verb resembles the original comic book design of Falcon.
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