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Veronica Gorloisen is the tritagonist of the film The Sorcerer's Apprentice.


Veronica is a sorceress who has had the great fortune of being loved by Balthazar Blake - and the misfortune of being loved by Maxim Horvath. Balthazar and Veronica are willing to do everything for their love, and at the same time, they’re two fighters. Horvath, who, like them, was a disciple of Merlin, also fell in love with Veronica. She rejected him for Balthazar, and because of that, he betrayed them by aligning himself with Morgana. It’s a beautiful and powerful story about love, jealousy and vengeance.

When their colleague, Maxim Horvath, betrayed them and their master, Merlin, and sided with Morgana le Fay, Veronica used a spell to trap Morgana's soul in her own body. However, the more powerful sorceress began to kill Veronica from the inside-out, forcing Balthazar to imprison his love inside the Grimhold, both to stop Morgana's evil and prevent the death of the woman he loved. The reason why she opted to use the Human Fusion Spell on Morgana may or may not have been motivated by other motives beside saving her love; since Morgana was implied to be Merlin's former apprentice and that he still cared for her despite her betrayal, Veronica possibly held a similar sentiment where in her case, she used to look up to the witch as her senior and role model.

When Horvath finally freed Veronica, by then she was entirely possessed by Morgana, who proceeded to perform an evil spell to resurrect an army of undead evil sorcerers, but Balthazar interfered, using the same spell Veronica used to imprison Morgana in her body. Only this time, Balthazar freed Veronica of Morgana by absorbing the witch into his own body. But like her prior host, Morgana was too powerful for Balthazar to contain and broke free of him, becoming an incorporeal entity.

Luckily, Balthazar's apprentice, Dave, managed to stop Morgana, and Veronica was finally reunited with the man she loved.


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  • Balthazar noted to Dave in the film that, like him, Veronica was the only of Merlin's three apprentices who longed to be normal and have no magic.
  • Her surname contains the name Gorlois, the name of Morgan le Fay's father and the original husband to Arthur's mother, Igraine. She may thus be a sister of Morgan and half-sister of Arthur; there is no exact equivalent in the source-mythology, but various romances assign multiple daughters to Gorlois, of which she may be one.
  • Her name means 'She who brings victory'.
  • In the early script of the film, Veronica's surname was originally Flood and not a centuries-old Merlinean as with her lover's early version. Another difference was that she and Balthazar were once enemies prior to becoming lovers as shown in flashbacks, spending most of her screentime being possessed by Morgana, and not responsible for Morgana's loss of physical form via Human Fusion Spell.
  • Veronica Gorloisen's character made no appearance in the 2010 Nintendo DS video game adaptation of Disney's The Sorcerer's Apprentice.
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