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The Villagers are background characters in Disney's 1991 animated feature film, Beauty and the Beast.


Beauty and the Beast

The villagers first appear in the movie during the song "Belle" to which they sing about how their life is always the same and how they're all the same and how Belle is so different from them because she likes to read books to which they call Belle a beautiful yet odd girl, and also special too. Later on when Gaston decides to propose to Belle he has the Villagers all stand outside Belle's cottage to host a wedding that will take place after Belle accepts his proposal. However Belle turns Gaston's proposal down and has him thrown out the door and into a muddy pond nearby. Later on, the villagers gather at the tavern to cheer Gaston up for being turned down by Belle. They manage to cheer Gaston up by singing the song "Gaston" and tell how Gaston is everyone's favorite guy and that there's no one in the village who can do things as good as he can. Then Belle's father, Maurice, comes into the tavern asking the Villagers to help him rescue Belle from a Beast in a castle but the villagers laugh at Maurice and throw him out of the tavern calling him crazy to which gives Gaston a plan to make Belle his wife to which is have Maurice locked in the asylum unless Belle agrees to marry Gaston, to which the villagers gave their full support.

Later on in the film, when Belle and Maurice return home, Gaston shows up with the villagers and Monsieur D'Arque the owner of the asylum and has Maurice taken away and tells Belle that if she promises to marry him everything will be cleared up but Belle turns down Gaston's proposal for the final time and manages to show the villagers that her father isn't crazy by using the Magic Mirror which shows the Beast. Gaston realizing that Belle has feelings for the Beast convinces the villagers that the Beast is a monster that will abduct their children if they don't kill him to which the villagers agree to and lock Belle and Maurice in their cellar so they can't warn the Beast. With Gaston leading the way on his horse, the villagers follow him into the woods to the Beast's Castle. Along the way, they chop down a tree to use to burst into the doors. Unknown to the villagers, Cogsworth, Lumiere, and Mrs. Potts see them entering the castle gates and warn the other objects to be prepared for battle against the villagers. Once the villagers break into the castle, they notice that everything is quiet, but when LeFou grabs Lumiere, all of the objects come to life, attacking the villagers, but Gaston manages to escape up the stairs.

LeFou and the rest of the villagers chase Sultan the stool dog but as they corner him, Chef Bouche scares LeFou and the villagers away out of the castle, and the objects celebrate their victory.

At the end of the film, they presumably continue to live a normal life after the spell is broken.

Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas

Several of the villagers arrive at the Prince's castle for a Christmas banquet. The fact that they were allowed in the castle indicated that at least some of the villagers were pardoned for the crime of nearly killing their Prince which was set by Gaston.

House of Mouse

The villagers made a guest spot on House of Mouse in the episode "Everybody Loves Mickey," as the Angry Villager People (a parody of "the Village People," a disco band from the 1970s).

Beauty and the Bea​st (2017)

The villagers appeared in the live-action film. In this film, the villagers' memories of the Prince and his castle were removed by the Enchantress when she cast her spell because at that time, the Prince rejected the Enchantress' offer after looking at her to which she cast a spell on the Prince, turning him into a Beast as well as the other castle servants into enchanted objects.

The villagers then appear during the musical number "Belle" where Belle herself passes through a busy marketplace to which while exploring, she encounters Monsieur Jean Potts who can't remember what he lost just before feeding his donkey an apple just before she returns the book she rented to Pére Robert and as Belle is on her way, more villagers then sing about Belle's life being different than theirs just before Belle returns to Robert to return the book she is planning to return. Upon returning it, Belle continues passing by more villagers across the marketplace. Later, Gaston and his partner LeFou ride on their horses across the marketplace passing through the villagers followed by a trio of Bimbettes to which Gaston spies on Belle walking across the village as Gaston plans to marry her. Afterwards, the villagers continue to sing about Belle's life just before the musical number ends.

Later at the tavern, a group of villagers are gathered at the bar where Gaston feels upset about Belle's refusal to marry him where they plan to cheer him up after feeling upset about his failure of marrying Belle. During the musical number "Gaston", the villagers plan to cheer Gaston up where they tell each other that Gaston is their favorite guy and that there is no one better than him in the town.

Later, Gaston has led a group of villagers who have formed into an angry mob looking for the Beast. Maurice, who is looking for his daughter Belle, is in mercy of being placed into a prison carriage where two angry villagers place him inside to take him away. When Gaston asks Maurice to know if the Beast exists, he refuses to give him the evidence just as Gaston tells Monsieur D'Arque to take him away. Belle, riding on Phillipe, stops D'Arque's carriage and attempts to rescue her father, demanding D'Arque to free him to which he refuses to, despite her protests of her father not being crazy. Belle then tells Gaston and the mob that she discovered the Beast inside the castle to which Gaston explains that Belle has no proof. Belle then tells the Enchanted Mirror to show her the Beast to provide proof to Gaston and the mob who are all shocked about the Beast. Much to Gaston explaining about the Beast being a threat to the town, Belle explains that the Beast is gentle and wouldn't hurt anyone to which Gaston refuses to trust Belle, in which Gaston explains to the angry mob that the Beast is a threat to the townspeople just as Belle is taken hostage along with her father. Gaston then warns the angry mob that the Beast is be a dangerous threat to them as he gives out a plan to kill the Beast. As Gaston angrily throws a torch at a carriage of supplies, the angry mob begin to ignite their torches as Gaston explains to the town that they're not safe until they kill the Beast. Gaston then leads the angry mob who are equipped with torches, pitchforks, and axes where they approach the Beast's Castle. As they stop all of a sudden, Gaston uses the Enchanted Mirror to show him the Beast's Castle to which they continue proceeding toward the castle. Lumiere suddenly feels worried where he tells the other castle servants to keep the from escaping to which Cogsworth, Plumette, Cadenza, Mrs. Potts, Chip, and Chapeau form a barricade to protect the castle from being attacked. Meanwhile, Belle and her father plan to free themselves from the carriage to warn the Beast about Gaston getting close to his castle.

Suddenly, Lumiere tells the other enchanted objects giving them a plan to fight back. As the mob enters the castle, Mrs. Potts tells the enchanted objects to attack to which they start fighting back in a plan to protect the Beast while two arms holding lanterns hit some villagers who are attempting to storm the castle to which during battle, Cadenza traps LeFou to prevent him from attacking just as Gaston plans to take on the Beast by himself. As the castle servants continue fighting the mob, Plumette humiliates LeFou (who somehow managed to escape from Cadenza), explaining that there is no one to protect him from the Beast while Chip throws some saucers at the incoming villagers. Later, the study desk arrives towards Cogsworth and Madame de Garderobe where Cogsworth summons the books to attack the villagers. Later when three villagers approach Cogsworth, Garderobe confronts the three and foils them who then retreat from the castle. Later, more feather dusters swoop around the castle attacking the mob just as Garderobe throws Mrs. Potts at the chandelier where she sprays hot tea on the villagers to which she emotionally notices her husband during the battle to which she suddenly falls onto LeFou's hands to which LeFou manages to join Belle's side rather than following Gaston's side while fending off some more villagers. After LeFou reforms, Cadenza then faces the mob to which after Garderobe leaps at the spot where Cadenza is at, the harpsichord uses his piano keys as bullets hitting the villagers while Lumiere lights a trail of black powder to cause dangerous sparkles to ward off the angry mob just as the villagers retreat from the castle while Agathe the Enchantress enters the castle. Belle suddenly runs past the villagers who are retreating the castle fearing that the enchanted objects are too strong against them just before Belle plans to check on the Beast to make sure he is safe. Having defeated the villagers, Lumiere tells Plumette that he and the other servants have defeated them but suddenly notices that Plumette has been turned into her lifeless form just as the rest of the castle servants become inanimate objects.

At the end of the film, when the spell is broken after Gaston fell to his death, their true memories are restored, and some of the villagers were revealed to be married to the Enchanted Objects, and so they reunite with their spouses in rejoice. Later during the ballroom, the villagers who are then rejoiced dance with everyone else across the ballroom just as Mrs. Potts happily reunites with her husband just as Belle reunites with the Prince who was restored back to his normal form during a reprise of the musical number "Beauty and the Beast".


Princess Adventure Stories: Belle and the Mysterious Monster

The villagers play a role in the story, where they were spooked over an apparent monster causing havoc in the village, with one of them, Farmer Florent, also fearing that it made off with his pet goat Babette. In actuality, Babette had escaped from her pen and had been responsible for the chaos at the village, which Belle deduced after investigating certain evidence and setting a pie trap and (thanks largely to Gaston's distraction) tracking the hoofprints. Their animosity towards Belle from the film was significantly downplayed in the story, even cheering on Belle for solving their problems.


  • In the French dub of the movie, the villagers are heard laughing at Gaston when the latter falls into the pond courtesy of Belle.
  • The story "Belle and the Mysterious Monster" is notable for naming some of the originally nameless villagers in the film.
    • The baker that Belle interacts with at the beginning of Little Town is Monsieur Le Pain.
    • The red-headed man seen hauling a wheelbarrow full of pumpkins at the beginning of Little Town is Monsieur Marchand.
    • The thin bald mustached man seen helping set up the wedding for Gaston as well as selling eggs to a woman in Little Town is Farmer Florent.

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