Vincent is an stop-motion animated film. It was originally released theatrically on October 1, 1982 and marked the directorial debut of Tim Burton. Vincent Price narrates the plot of the short.


Evocative title credits include a black cat on a wall near a dead tree. The narration, read by Vincent Price, is in verse, and tells about a mysterious, somewhat dark little boy, Vincent Malloy, who is seemingly normal on the outside. His bedroom, his dog, his mother, his fat aunt and his girlfriend are all in his fantasies and hallucinations. He has inner dreams of becoming like Vincent Price. Through Vincent's somewhat vivid imagination, his everyday world ends up becoming morbid: he spends his waking hours in dangerous and horrific situations. Reality, however, always interrupts his fantasy world: his mother opens the door, letting in daylight, and tells him to go out and get some fresh air.


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