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Blank vinylmation

A blank vinylmation

Vinylmation is a series of collectible vinyl designer toys sold at the Disney theme parks. Each figure is in the shape of Mickey Mouse, (with a few exceptions, such as Oswald the Lucky Rabbit) and features artwork by various artists. Figures are available in $12.95 3" and $39.95 9" varieties. Disney has also released original lines of figures not based on any specific pre-existing media, as well as non-Disney licensed third-party figures for the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NCAA. Vinylmation figures were formerly traded not only amongst peers, but at specially marked stations in and around Walt Disney World and Disneyland. Recently, official trading has ended, but between private collections still is commonplace.

In 2022, Disney revived the line as part of the Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary celebration.


Park Series 1[]

Released December 19, 2008.[1] An asterisk (*) denotes the chaser in the series.

3" figures[]

Name Artist Notes
Bad Apple Randy Noble
Creepy Wallpaper Donna Kozatek
ELP Mickey Dawn Ockstadt Resembles a Main Street Electrical Parade version of Mickey.
Figmouse Maria Clapsis Resembles Figment from EPCOT Center's Journey Into Imagination.
Fireworks Jo Ling Yap
Kermit Mouse Monty Maldovan Resembles Kermit the Frog.
Magical Stars Rachael Sur
Monorail Red Dan Howard Resembles the Walt Disney World Monorail System's Monorail Red.
SMRT-1 Celeste Cronrath Resembles SMRT-1 from EPCOT Center's CommuniCore East.
Teacups Lisa Badeen Resembles a tea cup from the Mad Tea Party attraction.
Yeti Mouse Kyle Price Resembles the yeti from Disneyland's Matterhorn Bobsleds.
Balloon* Randy Noble The head represents a Mickey Mouse balloon, adorned with the Disneyland logo and Mickey's face, while the body represents a blue sky.

Villain Series 1[]

Name Artist Notes
Banzai Jim Valeri One of the hyenas from The Lion King
Cruella De Vil
Madam Mim
Peg-Leg Pete
Prince John
Governor Ratcliffe
Shan Yu
Old Hag

Villains Series 2[]

Name Artist Notes
Big Bad Wolf
Bowler Hat Guy
Dr. Facilier
The Evil Queen
Honest John
Captain Hook
Shere Khan
Runaway Brain
Lady Tremaine
Mother Gothel*

9" figures[]

Name Artist Notes Number produced
"it's a small world" Marty Maldovan Resembles the clock tower from "It's a Small World" 600
Cruise Ship Mickey Randy Noble Mickey is depicted wearing a scuba mask, sandals, and a Disney Cruise Line shirt. 300
E Coupon Mickey Randy Noble Resembles a vintage Disneyland "E" coupon (more commonly known as an E ticket). 600
Safari Mickey Randy Noble 300
Watching You Dan Howard Features the wallpaper artwork from The Haunted Mansion. 500
Water Park Mickey Randy Noble

Mickey is depicted with swim goggles and a Donald Duck inner tube.


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