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Violet Ventimillagia is a sports prodigy and a new A.N.T. She has a big crush on Fletcher Quimby. She is a recurring character and is known to have anger issues. She has unmatched strength, which gives her keen talent in sports such as football, baseball, basketball, ice-hockey, lacrosse and formerly ultimate fighting. Violet is mainly known for her quick-temper, dry-wit, and abrasive comments.


Violet has an aggressive, fearless, and blunt exterior. While she harbors her real feelings underneath, particularly her romantic feelings for Fletcher. Though a good person at heart, Violet's bad temper makes her quick to criticize and attack.


  • Her name was once mistaken for "Violent" due to her "anger issues".
  • She is good at sports, especially ultimate fighting (although she does not participate in it any more).
  • She has a big crush on Fletcher.
  • She has anger issues. She thought Olive was calling her stupid and lashed out.
  • She hates it when people question her football skills.
  • She and Lexi have a difficult relationship as seen competing at curling in the Olympics in "IntelligANT".
  • Violet is the second A.N.T not to be afraid of the big kids, the first being Chyna.
  • Despite her size, she possesses unnatural strength, as she was able to smash a table, and flip Darryl Parks.
  • She is shown to be a good singer/back-up singer in "InfANT".
  • She can sleep very comfortably on a football.
  • Both she and her actress have the smallest height of the A.N.T. Farm and the crew.
  • She seems to be the first ANT not to be introduced by Gibson.
  • She stopped doing ultimate fighting because they added rules about safety.
  • Fletcher and Olive are scared of her.
  • Violet is probably the first ANT that doesn't call Fletcher stupid.
  • She is 11 in real life and is the same age on the show.
  • In "Ballet DANTser", it is revealed that Violet doesn't like the flute.
  • She gave Lexi a mirror as an apology gift.
  • Violet is portrayed by Claire Engler.
  • She gets happy and smiles in front of Fletcher (due to her crush on him).
  • Despite her being more of an ultimate sports player, she is also interested in ballet.


  • "Ballet DANTser" (First Appearance)
  • "InfANT"
  • "FANTasy Girl"
  • "IntelligANT"
  • "MutANT Farm 2"
  • "IdANTity Crisis"



Chyna Parks (2012-Present, Friends)

Chyna was the first person to talk to Violet on her first day of the A.N.T. program. 

Olive Doyle (2012-Present, Friends)

Violet is good friends with Olive (They sang together in "InfANT"). 

Fletcher Quimby (2012-Present, Friends, Crush)

Violet romantically likes Fletcher, he likes her but only as friends instead he likes Chyna. Fletcher is sometimes scared of Violet. 

Lexi Reed (2012-Present, Frenemies)

On the first day of school, Violet upsets Lexi and they both ruin the Ballet Show, as seen in "Ballet DANTser". They also competed against each other in curling in "IntelligANT". 

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