Vows is the seventh song of the musical, Freaky Friday which it is performed by Mike.


I'm not a man of many words
And none that can convey
Exactly how I felt when I first saw your face that day
I'm not a man who makes a speech
Or flouts a fancy rhyme
So all that I can say is
I will love you for all time

And I feel somehow I know you
Like I've known no one before
But still, I know there's more

I'm not a man who writes a book
That gift, it isn't mine
For you, I'd write a thousand books
My heart in every line
And every book would tell of you
And what our life will be
And through it all
You'd stay a stunning mystery to me

'Cause I feel somehow I know you like
I've known no one before
Though I know for all I know of you
There always will be more
'Cause love is in the knowing
And the wishing that you knew

And Katherine
My Katherine
I love you

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