Explorers searched for it for centuries. El Dorado. The Golden City. They thought they could find it in South America, but it was in Africa the whole time. A technological marvel. All because it was built on a mound of the most valuable metal known to man.
Ulysses Klaw to Everett Ross

Wakanda is a country in the Marvel Universe. It is featured in The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes and appears in Avengers Assemble. It was first mentioned in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Avengers: Age of Ultron and later appears in Captain America: Civil War and Black Panther.

Wakanda is a nation that keeps its old tribal traditions, while still adding technological advances. One of the many resources found in Wakanda is the scarce metal Vibranium.


Marvel Cinematic Universe

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Ulysses Klaw went to Wakanda to steal a large amounts of Vibranium. However, he was discovered by the Wakandian population, who tattooed it on his neck the word "thief".

Captain America: Civil War

After the skimish with the Avengers, Bucky and Captain America were granted asylum in Wakanda by T'Challa. There, Bucky chose to go back into cryogenic sleep until the programming HYDRA implanted on his mind could be cleansed.

Avengers: Infinity War

The Avengers travel to Wakanda to have the Mind Stone extracted from Vision so Thanos wouldn't get it. There Rogers reunites with Bucky Barnes. Thanos' army invades. The Avengers, alongside T'Challa and the Wakandan forces, mount a defense while Shuri works to extract the Mind Stone from Vision. Banner, unable to transform into the Hulk, fights in Stark's Hulkbuster armor. Thor, Rocket, and Groot arrive to reinforce the Avengers; Midnight, Obsidian, and Glaive are killed and their army is routed. Thanos arrives before Shuri can complete her work, and despite Maximoff's attempt to destroy the Mind Stone, Thanos removes it from Vision's head, killing him. Thor severely wounds Thanos with Stormbreaker, but Thanos activates the completed Gauntlet by snapping his fingers and teleports away.

Marvel Animation

The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes

Wakanda was ruled by King T'Chaka, but after his death at hands of Ulysses Klaw and Man-Ape, they were briefly ruled by Man-Ape until T'Chaka's son T'Challa defeated him.

When Nick Fury informed the Avengers about the situation, T'Challa see that Kang the Conqueror's troops were attacking Wakanda. Captain America says to Black Panther that if he wants he can go to help his people, his teammates agree with his decision then he went to Wakanda to save his people. Later, when almost the entire planet fell under the control of Kang and his troops, a soldier informs Kang that the fleet that was attacking Wakanda had been destroyed.

When Iron Man reveals the existence of the Skrulls, he decides return to Wakanda knowing he could not trust anyone. Already in Wakanda, T'Challa orders his guards to prepare for an invasion.

Ms. Marvel followed a Skrull ship to Wakanda, when that ship opens she sees the Avengers. They tell her the story how they were captured by the Skrull. But all this was a farce to trick Carol. When the Skrulls and Carol arrive at Wakanda, Black Panther appears leading the forces of Wakanda. After defeating the Avengers skrull, Wasp and Barton seek help from Black Panther but he refuses because his duty is to protect Wakanda.

Shortly after the Skrull invasion, the Avengers went to Wakanda to repair Captain America's Shield. Cap asks Black Panther to return to the Avengers but he refuses. Later, Black Panther with the Avengers had to face Vision, who was looking for Vibranium. Eventually, the Avengers defeat Vision and T'Challa decides to return to be an Avenger.

Other appearances

Marvel vs. Capcom series

In Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, due to the convergence of the Marvel and Capcom universes caused by Ultron-Sigma, causing the two universes to marge, Wakanda is merged with Val Habar, a playable location from Capcom's Monster Hunter franchise, to form Valkanda, a playable stage in the game. Black Panther remains as the king of the merged nation, and he gains a loyal female Monster Hunter as his ally. Black Panther and Monster Hunter are non-playable characters in the story mode, but they later became playable characters in arcade mode as downloadable content.


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