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"Wally and Anne" is the second segment of the fifteenth episode of Amphibia. It premiered on July 10, 2019.


Everyone calls Anne crazy when she claims to have seen the mythical Moss Man.


While out picking berries and fungi with the Plantar family in the forest, Anne comes across the Moss Man, a giant majestic creature surrounded by glowing blue butterflies and a foggy mist and watches in awe. She accidentally scares it away after choking on a butterfly. The Plantars arrive, but when she tries to explain what she saw, they laugh at her as they believe the Moss Man is just being a myth that only "crazy people" see it. Anne furiously will not give up on what she saw and the Plantars begin to compare her to the town loon, One-Eyed Wally who sides with Anne about the existence of the Moss Man. Anne gets tired of the continuous mocking as cannot sleep over how she was compared to Wally and decides to hunt it down for proof. She sneaks out at night and meets and recruits Wally to help her as he claims to know where the Moss Man lives.

Anne and Wally make their way through terrain with the latter playing his accordion non-stop. While crossing a gorge, Anne and her phone fall and Wally rescues both, impressing her. Anne thanks Wally for saving her phone and her life as they once again, more carefully, navigate through the cliff. Wally makes camp after it begins to get dark and starts a fire as the two settle down and prepare to go to sleep. Anne asks why Wally acts the way he does in Wartwood as back on Earth your social image meant everything. He responds by saying that he didn't care what others thought of him and also inquires Anne on how it felt to start a new beginning in someplace new and away from home. Wally immediately falls asleep and snores loudly as Anne lays out a blanket over him and stares at the stars above her.

The next day, Wally and Anne continue their journey and reach a grassy meadow but find themselves engulfed in a thick blanket of fog. Anne recognizes a glowing butterfly and sees the Moss Man, calling Wally and running after it. Upon bumping into the Moss Man, Anne tries to take a picture of it with her phone, only for Wally to accidentally run into her, allowing the Moss Man to disappear again. When Wally reveals that he did not know it actually existed, Anne is upset as she felt that there was a chance that she would be considered crazy like him.. Wally is hurt and saddened by her reaction and walks away as Anne realizes she had been too harsh on him and hurries over to point out that the two really were friends now and that she was sorry. Wally thanks her and the two arrive back at the location where they had seen the Moss Man, just to discover that it had ascended a steep cliff.

They continue to chase the Moss Man up the cliff, but as they climb, Wally falls. Anne grabs him, but as they reach the top, the Moss Man has already fled. Anne decides that she does not care if people think she is crazy and the two return home to tell the story as a song. Everyone turns away in disbelief and the Plantars approach Anne believing that she is emotionally hurt when really she is fine. When they insist that they comfort her, she pretends to act crazy and chases them all away.


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  • This is the first episode where One-Eyed Wally takes center stage of an Amphibia episode.
    • This is also the first time the Plantars play a very minor role in an episode.
  • The Moss Man's look is inspired by the designs of Studio Ghibli.
  • Abandoned factories debut in this episode in the very background; thus foreshadowing the major role they will have in the next two seasons.
  • An error revealed is when Wally says his real name is Wallace, but later on, Matt Braly reveals Wally's name is actually Walliam which is an equivalent to William.

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