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Walt Disney Cartoon Classics is an old collection, that contains two different series of videotapes, that altogether ran from 1983 to 1992. The first series of videos began in 1983 with Chip' N' Dale with Donald Duck and ended in 1986 with Silly Symphonies Animal Tales. The second series began its run in 1987 with Here's Mickey! and ended in 1992 with The Goofy World of Sports. Altogether, both series made for one of the longest-running lines of Disney home videos.

The original series proved so successful that, a year after its run began, it spawned a second video series, Cartoon Classics: Limited Gold Editions, featuring some of the most critically-acclaimed Disney shorts, many of them not featured in the original series. A DVD line released more than twenty years later, Walt Disney's Classic Cartoon Favorites, is presented similar to the original series.

First series (1983-1986)

The first series of Walt Disney Cartoon Classics spanned from 1983 to 1986, with each volume containing up to seven shorts.

Each video in this series began with a short intro sequence set to the opening credits music from Morris, the Midget Moose and Hooked Bear. Clips used in the intro sequence were from Pluto's Sweater, Mickey's Trailer, Hawaiian Holiday, Thru the Mirror, Donald's Diary, The Little Whirlwind, Scrooge McDuck and Money, Boat Builders, Donald's Golf Game, and Dragon Around. (Ironically, none of these shorts were included on any of the videos released in this collection, although except for "Scrooge McDuck and Money", they had been released on other videos before.)


Cover Title Release date Featured cartoons
Chip' n' Dale with Donald Duck.jpg
Chip 'N' Dale with Donald Duck June 1983
Pluto Walt Disney Cartoon Classics.jpg
Pluto June 1983
Scary Tales.jpg
Scary Tales September 1983
Sport Goofy.jpg
Sport Goofy September 1983
Disney's Best of 1931-1948.jpg
Disney's Best of 1931-1948 November 1983
More Sport Goofy November 1983
Pluto's Tales (non-U.S. release) 1983
More of Disney's Best 1932-1946.jpg
More of Disney's Best: 1932-1946 March 6, 1984
Sport Goofy Vacation.jpg
Sport Goofy's Vacation March 6, 1984
Donald Duck's First 50 Years.jpg
Donald Duck's First 50 Years March 6, 1984
Mickey's Crazy Careers.jpg
Mickey's Crazy Careers March 6, 1984
Goin' Quackers.jpg
Goin' Quackers (non-U.S. release) 1984
The Roots of Goofy (non-U.S. release) 1985
The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (non-U.S. release) 1984(?)
Winnie the Pooh and a Day for Eeyore (non-U.S. release) 1985(?)
Academy Award Shorts (non-U.S. release) 1985(?)
Hunting Instinct (non-U.S. release) 1985(?)
Donald Duck Goes West (non-U.S. release) 1985(?)
The Continuing Adventures of Chip' n' Dale featuring Donald Duck.jpg
The Continuing Adventures of Chip 'N' Dale Featuring Donald Duck April 23, 1985
Disney's Tall Tales.jpg
Disney's Tall Tales April 23, 1985
Cartoon Bonanza 1 (non-U.S. release) 1985(?)
Cartoon Bonanza 2 (non-U.S. release) 1985(?)
WD UK10127 CartoonBonanza3.jpg
Cartoon Bonanza 3 (non-U.S. release) 1985(?)
Silly Symphonies Fanciful Fables.jpeg
Silly Symphonies: Fanciful Fables January 28, 1986
Silly Symphonies Animal Tales.jpg
Silly Symphonies: Animal Tales January 28, 1986
Jiminy Cricket's Fabulous Fables, Fairy Tales & Other Wonderful Stories (non-U.S. release) November 1986
Donald Duck Goes West 1988 AUS VHS.jpeg
Donald Duck Goes West (Australian release) October 1988


Cover Title Release date Featured cartoons
Cnd laserdisc.jpg
Chip 'N' Dale with Donald Duck 1983
Pluto laserdisc.jpg
Pluto 1983
Scary laserdisc.jpg
Scary Tales 1983
Sptgoofy laserdisc.jpg
Sport Goofy 1983
Best laserdisc.jpg
Disney's Best of 1931-1948 1983
More Sport Goofy.jpeg
More Sport Goofy 1983
Fables laserdisc.jpg
Silly Symphonies: Fanciful Fables 1986
Animal laserdisc.jpg
Silly Symphonies: Animal Tales 1986

Second series (1987-1992)

The second series spanned from 1987 to 1992. Unlike its predecessor, each VHS release only contained three or four shorts, though the Laserdisc releases would combine two VHS releases.

The intro sequence was redone for this series, using a rearrangement of the Morris, the Midget Moose/Hooked Bear opening music and a wider variety of clips. Here, the intro used clips from Orphan's Benefit, Cock o' the Walk, In the Bag, The Band Concert, Soup's On, Farmyard Symphony, Pluto's Blue Note, Three Little Pigs, On Ice, The Autograph Hound, Pluto's Heart Throb, Moving Day, Chips Ahoy, How to Be a Detective, Who Killed Cock Robin?, Mr. Duck Steps Out, Mickey's Birthday Party, Old King Cole and Woodland Café. (Ironically, most of these shorts were not included on any of the videos released in this collection.)

On each video, brief clips from other Disney shorts or animated episodes of the Walt Disney anthology series appeared between the featured cartoons (again ironically, most of the Disney shorts used in each of these innterstitial clips were not included on any of the videos released in this collection). The clips were usually redubbed to provide segues into the next cartoon.

While the second series also generally used inferior faded tape masters from the early 1980s much like the first series, [1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8] for the last three VHS volumes, released in 1992, new, superior-looking videotape masters were used, and the intro sequence was even redone with the new transfers (the viewer can tell the difference in the intro sequence between the earlier tapes and these last three 1992 tapes by the tinting of the color).[9]


Cover Title Release date Featured cartoons
Here's Mickey.jpg
Here's Mickey! May 19, 1987

Interstitial clips: Mickey's Delayed Date

Here's Donald.jpg
Here's Donald! May 19, 1987

Interstitial clips: Baggage Buster and Mickey's Trailer

Here's Goofy.jpg
Here's Goofy! May 19, 1987

Interstitial clips: A Gentleman's Gentleman and Brave Little Tailor (exclusive to the American version)

Silly Symphonies.jpg
Silly Symphonies! May 19, 1987

Interstitial clips: The Three Little Pigs

Here's Pluto.jpg
Here's Pluto! May 19, 1987

Interstitial clips: A Gentleman's Gentleman and Cold Turkey

Starring Mickey and Minnie.jpg
Starring Mickey & Minnie October 6, 1987

Interstitial clips: The Simple Things and The Nifty Nineties

Starring Donald and Daisy.jpg
Starring Donald & Daisy October 6, 1987

Interstitial clips: This is Your Life, Donald Duck

Starring Silly Symphonies.jpg
Starring Silly Symphonies: Animals Two by Two October 6, 1987

Interstitial clips: The Grasshopper and the Ants

Starring Chip 'N' Dale.jpg
Starring Chip 'n' Dale October 6, 1987

Interstitial clips: This is Your Life, Donald Duck

Starring Pluto and Fifi.jpg
Starring Pluto & Fifi October 6, 1987

Interstitial clips: Pluto's Heart Throb and Canine Casanova

Special Edition.jpg
Special Edition November 15, 1988

Interstitial clips: The Pointer, Mr. Mouse Takes a Trip, Donald's Ostrich and Chips Ahoy

Note: Unlike the other tapes, this release is not available on LaserDisc.

Mickey and the Gang.jpg
Mickey & the Gang August 31, 1989

Interstitial clips: Pluto's Dream House, How to Play Golf and African Diary

Nuts About Chip 'N' Dale.jpg
Nuts About Chip 'n' Dale August 31, 1989

Interstitial clips: Mickey's Amateurs

Donald's Scary Tales.jpg
Donald's Scary Tales October 19, 1990

Interstitial clips: Mickey's Parrot, Donald's Off Day and The Plastics Inventor

Halloween Haunts.jpg
Halloween Haunts October 19, 1990

Interstitial clips: The Worm Turns and Daddy Duck

Fun on the Job.jpg
Fun on the Job! June 19, 1992

Interstitial clips: How to Sleep, Home Made Home, Boat Builders, Window Cleaners, Mickey's Trailer, Father's Week-End, Fathers Are People, The Fire Chief and Motor Mania

Note: This video was banned from Walmart stores due to false rumors of Donald allegedly swearing in Clock Cleaners.

Happy Summer Fun.jpg
Happy Summer Days June 19, 1992

Interstitial clips: Orphan's Picnic, How to Swim, Tennis Racquet, How to Play Baseball, How to Play Golf, Bee at the Beach, Mickey and the Seal, Donald's Vacation, How to Fish and Lion Down

The Goofy World of Sports.jpg
The Goofy World of Sports June 19, 1992

Interstitial clips: Goofy Gymnastics and How to Play Golf


With the notable exception of the 1992 Special Edition release which utilize both sides of the one disc for program content, each of these LaserDisc sets here only use one side of each of their one disc for program content.

Cover Title Release date Featured cartoo
Mickey pluto laserdisc.jpg
Here's Mickey! / Here's Pluto! May 19, 1987 Side One
Donald goofy laserdisc.jpg
Here's Donald! / Here's Goofy! May 19, 1987 Side One
Silly Symphonies! / Starring Silly Symphonies: Animals Two by Two October 6, 1987 Side One
Starring Mickey & Minnie / Starring Chip 'n' Dale October 6, 1987 Side One
Starring Donald & Daisy / Starring Pluto & Fifi October 6, 1987 Side One
Mickey & the Gang / Nuts About Chip 'n' Dale September 28, 1989 Side One
Donald's Scary Tales / Halloween Haunts October 19, 1990 Side One
Happy Summer Days / Fun on the Job / The Goofy World of Sports June 19, 1992

Side One

Side Two

NOTE: This video went out of production entirely due to the low popularity of LaserDiscs and the false rumours of Donald swearing.

Interstitial clips' (redubbed) voice cast


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