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 The Walt Disney Pictures logo is the production logo appearing at the beginning of films released by Walt Disney Pictures.


The logo almost always features a fairytale castle directly inspired by Disneyland's Sleeping Beauty Castle and the Magic Kingdom's Cinderella Castle. It has undergone several changes since its introduction. Some films feature variations of the logo with different lighting and colour settings to better match the film's theme and tone.

The main production logo most often features a fanfare based on an arrangement of "When You Wish Upon a Star" from the 1940 animated feature, Pinocchio. Various Walt Disney Television logos have been modified versions of the castle logo.


Main Logos

Picture Description
1985 logo

On a dark purple/blue gradient backdrop, a shower of light descends from the top of the screen, forming a stylized, segmented castle which is a white/purple gradient with only 6 flags. The segments seem to be spaced farther apart by the time the light reaches the bottom. Through the main gate of the castle, a white ball of light forms then extends out to form the words "Walt Disney" in the familiar corporate "Disney" logo font. The word "PICTURES" fades in underneath, and a white semi-circular line is drawn over the castle to the bottom left. This version was used until 1989.

This logo first appeared in 1985 with the film Return to Oz, altough this version was rather incomplete and silent. The full version with sound would later appear that same year in The Black Cauldron. It was also seen on many mid-to-late 1980s and early 1990s prints of classic Disney movies with the RKO logo or the Buena Vista logo cut how ever since the late 1990s they restored the RKO logos and Buena Vista logos.

1990 logo

From 1990 until 2006, the background is a lighter shade of blue, and the castle is lighter blue. The line now stops when it hits the tip of the "W" in "Walt Disney".

Beginning in 2002 the logo was altered slightly and having a brighter blue tint and they added the missing 7th flag.

Later reissues of classic Disney movies including those released during the mid-to-late 1980s began using this.

1995 logo (Pixar)

In 1995, a short-lived CGI-customized version of the 1990 Walt Disney Pictures logo was introduced for Pixar movies.

This logo uses a computer-generated facsimile of the castle and lacks the beam of light or segmenting, instead zooming out from the castle gates. Instead of "When You Wish Upon a Star", this production logo utilizes an original fanfare composed by Randy Newman.

It is often followed by the then-current Pixar Animation Studios logo.

This logo appeared in every Pixar animated film from Toy Story to Ratatouille in 2007, with the exception of Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventure Begins, which uses the 1990 logo instead.

In 2008 this CGI logo was retired in favor of the 2006 Walt Disney Pictures logo, beginning with WALL-E.

Walt Disney Pictures Flashlight Version (2000).png
2000 logo

In 2000, Disney introduced a different logo, in which the screen was black and a glowing orange beam appeared on the screen and shone light on the words Walt Disney Pictures. The light then shines the glowing arch, revealing the castle and fades out in the end (the closing logo is still).

It was used mostly for select live-action films, though it was used in a few animated films like Dinosaur, the reissue of The Lion King, and Brother Bear. Though unlike the blue logo, where the castle stays as the screen fade outs, the orange logo wipes away as the screen fades.

Walt Disney Pictures Logo 2006.png
2006 logo

In 2006, on Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, Disney introduced this CGI logo. This opening logo was used until Treasure Buddies in 2012.

This logo begins with a glowing star shining in the night sky, like in the movie Pinocchio. The view then heads down to what appears to be the Magic Kingdom, complete with a sailboat (similar to the Jolly Roger from Peter Pan) on a river and a train going down a railroad track. Then, it heads high over Cinderella Castle, with fireworks going off. Eventually, it settles in front of the castle, in which the glowing arch (like Tinker Bell) flies over it, and the title appears at the bottom.

Very often, the music in this logo is Mark Mancina’s modified version of "When You Wish Upon a Star" from Pinocchio; though not the same one from the "segmented castle" logo.

Mike Gabriel conceived, storyboarded, did all development pieces, directed, and art directed the opening castle logo sequence of this logo[1], with animation produced by New Zealand-based visual effects studio Weta Digital.

Walt Disney Pictures Logo 2011.png
2011 logo

In 2011, the Walt Disney Pictures branding was shortened simply to "Disney", starting with The Muppets. This logo was rendered by Cameron Smith and Cyrese Parrish. A version without lettering is seen as a screensaver on Disney Blu-Rays released since 2012.

Later reissues of classic Disney movies released on DVD and Blu-ray began using this or the original 2006 variant.

Disney logo jungle cruise.png
2021 logo

In 2021, the Disney logo is redesigned. The castle has more light, the river has a new reflection, and the Disney text is raised up, slightly smaller, slightly more transparent, given a slightly different texture, and is already shown before the arc is drawn instead of fading in. Additionally, the large clouds at the beginning of the logo are strangely absent and most of the sky is noticeably different. The clouds are also in a much different shade of pink than before.


Since the late 90s, other variations of the standard Walt Disney Pictures logo were released. Most movies have their own variation of the logo, with the standard "Walt Disney Pictures", later as simply "Disney", written in Walt Disney's famous handwriting and the castle featured in a setting that represents a particular movie. By 2014 and onward, these variations were also featured in trailers.

Here is a list of Walt Disney Pictures logo variations:


Picture Description
Meet the Deedles - Disney logo.png
Meet the Deedles (1998)
The 1990 logo appears normally at first, except playing a dramatic tune which includes the sound of cymbals. After the logo is formed, it is shown distorted by moving water, because the opening credits are underwater and the first scene afterwards also features water.
Walt Disney Pictures - I'll be Home for Christmas Logo.png
I'll Be Home for Christmas (1998)
The 1990 logo, but when the arc is drawn, various glowing lights appear and flash all over the arc as if they were Christmas lights.
My Favorite Martian - Disney logo.jpg
My Favorite Martian (1999)
The 1990 logo freezes for a few seconds before the arc is drawn, Once the logo is done, it fades into an image of Mars. The arc of the logo is aligned with the surface of the planet.
Waltdisney 40.jpg
Tarzan (1999)
The 1990 logo, but after the flash that forms the Disney logo text, the background fades to that of a jungle. After the Disney logo disappears, the camera ventures further into the jungle until the "Tarzan" title logo appears.
Walt Disney Pictures - Inspector Gadget Logo.png
Inspector Gadget (1999)
Inspector Gadget 2 (2003)
The logo is a CGI variation of the logos used since 1985, except it looks mechanized, and the white stream over the castle is replaced by a gear. Various parts of the logo break down, making mechanic noises and also wacky cartoon noises.

In Inspector Gadget, the music starts differently but then segues into the usual tune. After the logo disappears, the opening credits are made from pieces of the broken down logo.

In Inspector Gadget 2, the same mechanized logo is used, but with the usual music theme. This time, the logo disappears normally, without affecting the opening credits.

Walt disney pictures logo toy story 2 trailer.png
Toy Story 2 (1999)
Trailer variant: The 1995 logo is shown on Andy's TV.
Fantasia 2000 logo.jpg
Fantasia 2000 (1999)
Opening variant: The 1990 logo, except playing different music, like that of an orchestra tuning their instruments. During their tuning, a flute plays the first few notes of "When You Wish Upon A Star" as the castle forms.

After the flash that displays the "Walt Disney" text, the logo becomes featured in front of a space cluster background. Deems Taylor's narration from Fantasia starts to be heard soon before the logo disappears. Some distorted CGI squares can be seen floating in space. After the logo disappears, these squares are revealed to be screens displaying flashbacks from Fantasia.

Closing variant: The arc disappears after it is drawn.

Walt disney pictures logo emperors new groove trailer.png
The Emperor's New Groove (2000)
Trailer variant: A variation of the 1990 logo. The castle is orange on a black background.
Recess School's Out - Disney logo.jpg
Recess: School's Out (2001)
The 1990 logo, except Gretchen, Vince, Spinelli, Gus, T.J., and Mikey appear with the flash that forms the "Walt Disney" text. They are shown on each side of the castle, and they play out the rest of the theme with their kazoos.
Atlantis logo.jpg
Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001)
Opening variant: After a completely black screen, the fully formed logo gradually fades in. The logo is engraved on a metal plate that takes up the entire screen. The logo is mostly dark, except for some light that has been distorted by continuously moving water. It also appears to be zooming in slowly towards the camera.

This logo is practically silent at first, having only the subtle sound of moving water. However, the light moving through the arc soon appears, which seems to be burning the metal. It releases smoke and also makes a loud and continuous burning sound. It serves as the second light source that helps to illuminate the logo.

Closing variant: Same as the opening variant, except it's slightly brighter and has no other animation apart from the water moving and the logo slowly zooming in.

Walt disney pictures logo monsters inc trailer.png
Monsters, Inc. (2001)
Trailer variant: The 1995 logo appears on the Scare Floor's large monitor screen.
Snow Dogs - Disney logo.jpg
Snow Dogs (2002)
The 1990 logo starts as usual, but after the flash, the whole logo appears frozen. The frozen arc starts releasing snow upon the castle.

The logo's theme music is re-orchestrated.

Cinderela II - Disney logo fireworks.jpg
Cinderella II: Dreams Come True (2002)
The 1990 logo castle is created through fireworks and the "Walt Disney" script writes itself. The rest of the logo plays as normal. Afterwards, everything but the castle fades out and the logo crossfades into Cinderella's Castle as the film starts.

This logo plays a rendition of "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes".

Peter Pan 2 - Disney logo pixie dust.jpg
Return to Never Land (2002)
The 1990 logo, except the light (representing Tinker Bell) passing over the castle is faster than usual. That light also spills pixie dust over the castle.

After the logo is fully formed, the light moves around for a moment, then keeps flying close to the door of the castle. The logo is soon revealed to be on a cloud in the night sky, as the camera zooms out and turns around that cloud.

After the logo is done, the light keeps flying close to clouds through the opening credits and is eventually shown as a fully visible Tinker Bell.

The music features the first few notes of "When You Wish Upon A Star".

Lilo & Stitch (2002)
A variation of the 1990 logo. The castle is light blue on a black background. The arc is formed by a glowing green dot which is heard repeatedly beeping. The logo is then abducted by a 1950s style alien green beam.
Country Bears logo.jpg
The Country Bears (2002)
The 1990 logo starts off normal, but after the flash, the background turns into a wood carving, while a small flame creates the stream. The logo then moves to the right as the movie starts.
Walt disney pictures logo treasure planet trailer.png
Treasure Planet (2002)
Trailer variant: A variation of the 1990 logo. The castle is light blue on a black starry background.
The Jungle Book 2 Disney logo.jpg
The Jungle Book 2 (2003)
A blue fabric is initially empty, but then the 1990 logo appears on it with the usual animation. The word "PICTURES" appears at the same time the flash reveals the "Walt Disney" text. The voices of Ranjan, Messua, and Ranjan's Father are heard. Even after the logo fades completely, the blue fabric remains. Mowgli lights a fire behind the fabric and uses it to tell his story by playing with shadow puppets.
Walt disney pictures logo piglets big movie trailer.png
Walt disney pictures logo piglets big movie trailer 2.jpg
Piglet Disney logo.jpg
Piglet's Big Movie (2003)
The 1990 logo, but with a different theme played on a guitar. Someone's voice is heard singing a song, repeatedly using the syllables "la-la-la".

First trailer variant: A variation of the 1990 logo. The castle is white on a pink background.

Second trailer variant: The arc over the Disney castle is in pink, representing Piglet.

Walt Disney Pictures - The Lizzie McGuire Movie Logo.png
The Lizzie McGuire Movie (2003)
The 1990 logo, except the castle zooms in rapidly by segments, followed by letters coming (one after one) from the left. Then parts of the logo begin to flash blue and red, like police lights. After the logo is done, the arc disappears and the rest of the logo quickly moves to the right. When moving, the castle is shown be separated into horizontal segments.
Stitch Movie - Disney logo.jpg
Stitch! The Movie (2003)
The 1990 logo plays as usual, but the music is initially a Hawaiian rendition of the usual tone. The word "PICTURES" appears at the same time the flash reveals the "Walt Disney" text. After the flash, the music is replaced by a dramatic theme and the logo starts phasing out to a space scene, with nothing but stars.
George Jungle 2 logo.jpg
George of the Jungle 2 (2003)
A variation of the 1990 logo. When the logo is almost done, George is heard continuously yelling his animal call, then he is seen as a small silhouette swinging on a vine. He keeps swinging on the vine and yelling his animal call until the logo is fully formed, at which point he crashes into the castle.

The impact causes the castle to fall down with George's silhouette on it. The castle is a 2D object similar to a cardboard stand. Once the castle crashes into the ground, it makes subtle clouds of dust.

The usual music theme plays. There are also sound effects associated with George crashing into the castle, the castle falling with a creaking noise, and the castle hitting the ground.

Teacher's Pet (2004)
The 1990 logo in the same style as the movie, including a hand-drawn castle. The word "PICTURES" appears at the same time the flash reveals the "Walt Disney" text. When the logo is done, the camera zooms in the light at the end of the arc, revealing it to be a star in the sky at the start of the film Pinocchio (1940), which Spot Helperman is watching on the TV. This logo plays the opening theme music from Pinocchio.
Home on the Range - Disney logo.jpg
Home on the Range (2004)
Opening variant: A piece of leather is completely empty at first, then a branding iron is quickly used to stamp the 1990 logo onto the leather, also releasing smoke. Fire creates the arc, which then entirely burns up the leather, revealing the opening sequence of the movie.

Closing variant: A darker version of the same logo appears fully formed at the end of the movie. Piano music plays as jingling boot spurs walk across the wooden floor as swinging flap doors swing and horses neigh and gallop outside.

Twice Christmas logo.jpg
Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas (2004)
At first, white dots start appearing on the completely red background, forming a pointillist drawing of a Christmas tree. The camera then zooms out and reveals the red background to be the surface of a red Christmas ball on a tree.

The 1990 logo appears as usual on the Christmas ball. The pointillist drawing of the Christmas tree is still kept at the gate of the castle, at least until that drawing disappears with the flash that introduces the "Walt Disney" text.

In place of the usual music theme, there is a Christmas tune, with a chorus repeatedly chanting the syllables "la-la-la".

When the logo is done, it zooms out while the movie narration starts introducing the story. The camera moves away from the logo and displays the opening credits on other Christmas balls of the same tree.

Walt disney pictures logo poohs heffalump movie trailer.jpg
Pooh's Heffalump Movie - Disney logo.jpg
Pooh's Heffalump Movie (2005)
After the 1990 logo is done, it fades into a cloud shaped like the castle.

Trailer variant: A variation of the 1990 logo. The castle is yellow on a purple background.

Ice Princess - Disney logo.jpg
Ice Princess (2005)
The 2000 logo, except blue instead of orange, and ice appears through the arc.
Tarzan II - Disney logo.jpg
Tarzan II (2005)
The 1990 logo, but after the flash, the background turns into the opening scene of the movie. At first, only animal sounds are heard, with no theme song. Soon before the logo disappears, the theme song of the first scene starts playing.
Walt disney pictures logo herbie fully loaded trailer.jpg
Herbie: Fully Loaded (2005)
Trailer variant: A variation of the 1990 logo. The castle is orange on a Light Gold background.
Sky High - Disney logo.jpg
Sky High (2005)
The 2000 logo with some added texture and a dramatic tune. When the arc is being formed, the background turns into a silhouette of a city under the night sky, with a body of water below the city. There is wind moving the water and the flags of the castle. Once the logo disappears, the castle becomes a silhouette that blends with the city. The camera moves away until the sun rises over the city, with the title of the movie.
Lilo Stitch 2 - Disney logo.jpg
Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch (2005)
This logo uses almost the same color palette as the Lilo & Stitch logo, which is a light blue castle on a black screen, with the arc being formed by a glowing green dot which is heard repeatedly beeping. However, there are some changes, including the castle which is now a lighter shade of blue. The glowing green light from the arc is shown reflected on the castle (which didn't happen in Lilo & Stitch).

At first, each segment of the castle appears at a time, beginning from bottom to top, like the symbol indicating a charging battery. Then a large light glows from the flag and quickly disappears. A large white light glows below the castle, where the "Walt Disney" text soon appears. The text "PICTURES" then appears below it as usual. The arc starts being formed after the castle and text are done. When the logo is completely formed, it starts glitching. During this glitched state, the logo is shown being quickly distorted in various random ways, sometimes changing color. The glitched logo then jumps to the camera and shuts down. This logo plays a sci-fi music theme, with the addition of various sci-fi sound effects.

Walt disney pictures logo chicken little trailer.png
Walt Disney Pictures - Chicken Little Logo.jpg
Chicken Little - Disney logo black.jpg
Chicken Little (2005)
Trailer variant: The logo is aqua blue, given a somewhat 3-D texture, and is placed against a black starry background. The arc is drawn by a seafoam green light and the flags are constantly flashing, turning purple as they do so.

Opening variant: This logo is animated in CGI, which references the fact that Chicken Little is the first CGI movie that Disney made without Pixar. The castle first appears very zoomed in, and then zooms out. Soon the text appears and zooms out as well. The light leaves a glowing trail that is thicker than usual, which eventually settles in as the usual arc. The background is a blue sky with a few clouds.

This logo resembles the previous ones used since 1985. However, it is more detailed, having different colors and textures (as opposed to having a completely white or light blue castle). This appears to be a prototype of the 2006 logo, but it is still cartoon-like and nowhere near the realism and level of detail found in the 2006 logo. There are also references to birds added, such as a rooster weather vane on one of the towers, and pegs in front of the windows like those found on birdhouses.

Closing variant: At the end of the movie, the 1990 logo appears as usual, except on black background.

Bambi II - Disney logo.jpg
Bambi II (2006)
The 1990 logo appears on a misty gray background and fades away.
Disney Logo - Shaggy Dog.jpg
The Shaggy Dog (2006)
The 1990 logo is normal at first, but then each segment of the castle quickly changes until the whole castle looks made of wood, resembling a doghouse. The word "PICTURES" also appears at the same time the flash reveals the "Walt Disney" text.
The Wild - Disney logo.jpg
The Wild (2006)
A variation of the 2000 logo, where the orange castle and text have 3D depth and some texture added. There is grass below the castle, and a few trees at both sides of the castle. The texture suggests that the entire logo is made of stone, including the castle, text, grass and trees (which all use the same texture). However, the logo reflects much of the light that is shined upon it, suggesting a metallic surface instead.

The screen is completely black at first, then the logo and text fade in simultaneously. Samson and his son Ryan are heard talking. Overall, Samson makes 4 attempts to tell stories bragging about his own feats. The first 3 times, he is interrupted by an unimpressed Ryan, who already knows those stories. The 4th time, Ryan finally lets him tell the story, and the movie starts.

Each time Samson attempts to tell a story, a heroic theme plays and the light moves as usual to draw the arc over the orange logo. However, each time Ryan interrupts, the logo becomes completely blue and the light quickly goes back, seeking to hide. The light is shown to be reacting to their conversation as a sentient and expressive being. The light can grow arms when needed. At some point, the arc itself becomes an arm and grabs the light. Once the light hides, the screen becomes completely black again (the logo disappears in the dark) until Samson's next attempt. When the logo is done, it becomes the sun that is shining upon Samson and Ryan.

Leroy Stitch - Disney logo.jpg
Leroy & Stitch (2006)
The 1990 logo appears normally at first, except the music starts as a slightly different rendition of the usual tune. The word "PICTURES" appears at the same time the flash reveals the "Walt Disney" text. The sound effect of the arc is also different.

After the logo is done, the music changes while the background turns into space. Eventually, the logo flies away into hyperdrive.

Brother Bear 2 - Disney logo.jpg
Brother Bear 2 (2006)
The 1990 logo, but after the stream finishes, birds fly through it.
Walt disney pictures logo santa clause 3 trailer.jpg
The Santa Clause 3 - Disney logo.jpg
The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause (2006)
Trailer variant: The 1990 logo is green (except for the "Walt Disney" text) and appears via a blur transitional effect on a moving background of Santa's Village (one of the franchise's central locations). The "y" in "Disney" also surprisingly appears to be raised up higher than usual. When the arc is drawn (also in green), it blurs and zooms out, proceeding to segue into the trailer.

Movie variant: A variation of the 2006 logo. In the process of zooming out, as usual, the logo is revealed to be inside a snow globe, before the text appears.

Santa is behind the globe, but he is too close, so only his chest is seen. Once the logo appears completely, Santa grabs the snow globe and shakes it, causing the snow inside the globe to fall over the logo. Meanwhile, Santa repeatedly laughs "ho ho ho," and the music slightly slows down. Then the camera quickly zooms in the snowflakes and the opening credits start.

Fox Hound 2 - Disney logo.jpg
The Fox and the Hound 2 (2006)
After the 1990 logo is done, it fades into the cloudy sky.
Walt disney pictures logo enchanted trailer.png
Enchanted - Disney logo.jpeg
Enchanted (2007)
Trailer variant: The camera follows a glowing ball of light that is emitting a trail of pixie dust up to the highest spire of the castle. It gives of a flash and transitions to the movie's trailer.

Movie variant: After the 2006 logo is done, the camera pans up from the castle into a room in the top middle of it, (which is in a slightly different color than usual).

Beverly Hills Chihuahua - Disney logo.png
Beverly Hills Chihuahua (2008)
After the 2006 logo is done, it is seen distorted through a diamond.
High School Musical 3 - Disney logo.jpg
High School Musical 3: Senior Year (2008)
After the 2006 logo is done, another arc appears, forming a glass circle around the logo. It flashes into the opening credits, revealing that the circle was one of multiple light bulbs.
Bedtime Stories - Disney logo.jpg
Bedtime Stories (2008)
The 2006 logo appears normally. When it finishes, it turns into a pop-up book.
Race to Witch Mountain - Disney logo.jpg
Race to Witch Mountain (2009)
A variation of the 2006 logo, with a dramatic tune. It is initially set at the break of dawn. It changes to a starry night sky while the castle and surroundings become a black silhouette, soon before the "Walt Disney PICTURES" text appears (with the word "PICTURES" appears at the same time as the "Walt Disney" text). The silhouette morphs into the witch mountain and then disappears together with the text, leaving only the night sky.
Walt disney pictures logo ponyo trailer.png
Ponyo (2009)
Trailer variant: The logo transitions into an underwater scene, with fish swimming by.
Walt disney pictures logo princess and the frog trailer.jpg
The Princess and the Frog (2009)
Trailer variant: The logo transforms into a sketch on a piece of golden paper. The arc is drawn by a bright yellow light. The camera then zooms in towards the end of the arc on the right side of the screen, segueing into the trailer.
Walt disney pictures logo toy story 3 trailer.jpg
Toy Story 3 (2010)
Trailer variant: The logo appears as if it were recorded on a video camera.
Walt disney pictures logo tron legacy teaser.png
Walt disney pictures logo tron legacy trailer.jpg
Walt Disney Pictures Tron - Legacy Logo.jpg
Tron: Legacy (2010)
This is a dark variation of the 2006 logo. It is mostly black, but the lights and other elements have very bright shades of white and light blue, providing contrast.

At first, the screen is completely black. Two flickering lights appear at the bottom and start moving together. Sometimes the lights point at the camera. More lights appear in pairs, up to a total of six lights, which also flicker and move in pairs. These lights disappear and reappear a few times, until they stop appearing altogether.

The castle gradually appears with a city in the background, and also multiple flashlights behind the castle pointing to the sky. The night sky is full of dark clouds being swept by the wind. A road from the camera to the castle is formed by glowing lines on the ground. The text then is formed, with each letter quickly appearing and disappearing while they move into place.

This logo is mostly silent and has no music theme. It features sound effects associated with the lights moving and logo appearing.

Mars Needs Moms - Disney logo.jpg
Mars Needs Moms (2011)
The 2006 logo starts normally. When the arc is being formed, the sky becomes tinted red.
Prom logo.jpg
Prom (2011)
The 2006 logo starts normally. When the arc is almost finished, the animation style changes completely at once. The logo becomes a collage made of photos and pieces of paper. A slanted photo of the sky takes up almost the entire screen, replacing the sky that usually appears in the background. There are various random photos seen behind the sky photo.

The arc is made of a piece of paper cut from a notebook. The castle is a completely white with black lines, hand-drawn on a light blue piece of paper that has been cut to be the same shape as the castle. There are separate pieces of paper for "Walt Disney" (white text on light blue background) and "PICTURES" (black text on a light blue background). Some blue stars made of paper also appear on the arc.

Each piece of paper appears at a time, as a stop motion animation. When this collage is on screen, the music changes to an electric guitar rendition of the usual tune. After the logo is done, the opening credits are also drawn on the same style, a collage of photos and pieces of paper with the names of the actors.

POTC 4 - Disney logo.jpg
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011)
A variation of the 2006 logo. It is set at night, with a spooky tune. There is only fog quickly moving at first before the usual logo starts. A pirate ship can be seen in the river on the bottom left corner of the screen. A pirate flag appears at the top of the castle, in place of the normal flag. As usual, the camera shows the flag very closely at the beginning. Two mermaids jump together from the water before the text appears.
Disney logo muppets trailer.jpg
The Muppets (2011)
Trailer variant: Kermit and Animal are seen looking at the logo. Kermit says "Would ya look at that" and Animal responds by shaking his head, grunting, and laughing. The "Disney" text is also slightly bigger,
John Carter - Disney logo.jpg
John Carter (2012)
The 2011 logo is completely tinted red.
Frankenweenie - Disney logo.jpg
Disney logo frankenweenie trailer.jpg
Disney logo frankenweenie tv spot.jpg
Frankenweenie (2012)
Movie variant: At first, this is a normal colorful 2011 logo. When the arc is almost done, there is a strong flash of lightning taking up the entire screen. The logo becomes black and white, in the same style of the movie. The music also changes to a spooky tune. The black and white logo is set at night with a full moon. The sky is completely full of clouds and there is mist on the ground. There are strong winds moving the clouds and the mist to the right. There are also a few more flashes of lightning.

Trailer #1 variant: The same logo as in the movie, except it appears almost fully formed and takes less time. As in the movie, it's initially a normal colorful logo, which becomes black and white with added details such as the rain and the full moon.

Trailer #2 variant: A completely black and white version of the usual logo, without any added details such as the cloudy sky, the full moon and the rain. Unlike the movie variant, the arc is formed with the logo in black and white.

Disney logo wreck ralph trailer.jpg
Wreck it Ralph - glitched Disney logo.jpg
Wreck-It Ralph (2012)
Movie variant: At the end of the movie, the 2011 logo quickly becomes a parody of the Pac-Man kill screen.

The logo appears normal at first, but then starts switching between a normal and a pixelated version. At this point, the glitched text "ERR ---00000001 RALF0001" appears at the top, closely followed by "CUTLPASTELINPUT NODEC2". Sometimes the entire screen becomes completely glitched for less than a second.

Various glitches progressively cover the entire right side of the screen. They include a few scrambled pieces of the logo, but mostly random numbers and letters of various colors, including a few Cyrillic letters such as Д and Ж.

Some characters are seen as small 8-bit versions in the glitched right side of the screen: Wreck-It Ralph (holding cherries), Vanellope, the Nicelanders, Clyde, Cyril the Zombie, and the Sorceress (she appears in two places at once). Some of them are walking in place.

A thick vertical strip in the middle of the screen is eventually tinted blue and white, made of many horizontal lines. The left side of the screen eventually becomes heavily pixelated and then freezes completely, but is otherwise not glitched. At the end, the whole screen freezes and starts slightly trembling, then shuts down.

Trailer variant: A variation of the 2011 logo. The castle is red on a black background.

Disney logo oz the great and powerful trailer.png
Oz Great Powerful - trailer logo.png
Oz Great Powerful - Disney logo.jpg
Oz the Great and Powerful (2013)

Teaser variant: The logo is black and white and is imported on a caravan. The castle is surrounded by a fancy oval-shaped frame.

TV Spot #1 Variant: Green light showers from the arc and transforms the castle into Emerald City. The "Disney" text is in a gold color and is styled slightly different.

TV Spot #2 Variant: Emerald City is already present; the castle is never shown.

Movie Variant: This is a variation of the 2011 logo, completely in black and white. The tune is different and resembles a music box.

This logo seems to be formed by props made for show. At first, the night sky appears with a few twinkling stars, but it is actually a wall with various lights. The camera moves down to the castle, whose shadow can be clearly seen on the starry wall. The river below the castle is just a prop, so the water does not move. The flags on the castle don't move either. There are fake fireworks, which are a light effect coming from elsewhere. The arc also seems formed by a similar light effect.

After the logo is done, the camera zooms in the castle and enters the gate. The camera keeps exploring inside the castle during the opening credits, which is still made of various props and light effects like before.

Planes - Disney logo.jpg
Planes (2013)
A variation of the 2011 logo, with a rock tune. The "Disney" text is white instead of its usual silver color. After the logo is done, there is a flashlight coming from the tower. The flashlight turns from left to right. The light points directly at the camera in the middle of its way. The flashlight disappears, a red light appears flashing above the flag on top of the castle, and two jet planes from the film are seen flying from the castle. The jet planes keep flying even until after the logo disappears, cutting to the film's opening scene. They are soon revealed to be in a dream where Dusty Crophopper beats them in a race.
Disney logo frozen trailer.jpg
Frozen (2013)
Trailer variant: The logo is slightly tinted in ice blue and has snow falling around it. The "Disney text" is also slightly smaller.
Tumblr nd46f8SBRu1qhcrb0o1 1280.jpg
Saving Mr. Banks (2013)
This unique logo design is intended to resemble the original classic look from 1985-2006 while also taking influence from opening film logos from the 1960's era, hence the Walt Disney signature resembling Walt's actual writing and not the more concurrent "backwards G" look. It starts with a close up of the white castle before zooming out and the familiar fairy line being drawn across. The film studio information pops up at the bottom to make the logo more authentic. There is no music playing.
Disney (Million Dollar Arm).png
Million Dollar Arm (2014)
The logo (particularly the sky) is tinted dark purple.
Maleficent (Disney Logo).png
Maleficent (Disney Logo) 2.jpg
Maleficent (2014)
Movie variant: A variation of the 2011 logo, with the Disney castle replaced with King Stefan's Castle, although the flag on the top of the castle has the same emblem as the flag in the usual logo. Also, the logo's opening shot angles slightly upward before panning down as usual. The "Disney" text is also three-dimensional. As the logo finishes, the sky turns to a daytime setting, and the camera zooms in closer to the logo and passes the castle into the movie's opening scene.

Trailer variant: Similar to the movie's opening logo, but it has a darker and spookier tone.

Disney logo planes fire and rescue trailer.jpg
Disney logo planes fire and rescue trailer 2.png
Planes: Fire & Rescue (2014)
Trailer variant: The logo's sky turns orange.

TV Spot variant: The logo's sky turns golden yellow.

Disney logo big hero 6 trailer.png
Big Hero 6 (2014)
Teaser variant: The logo becomes a white graphic on a blue computer screen, then Hiro Hamada's hand swipes it to the left.
Into the Woods - Disney logo.jpg
Into the Woods (2014)
Opening variant: A dark version of the 2011 logo, which fades in just as the camera pans down from the clouds. The fireworks are also absent. The arc seems to release ice, with a freezing sound effect. It solidifies into a giant full moon behind the castle. In the process of zooming out as usual, various thorns are revealed at the sides of the castle. There is dark mist on the ground. This logo has no theme song. It has a few sound effects associated with the waving flag, the wind, and the freezing arc.

Closing variant: At the end of the movie, the dark logo appears again, but without any of the added details like the moon and the thorns.

Cinderell-2015-disneyscreencaps com-2.jpg
Cinderella (2015)
This is a variation of the 2011 logo.

After the logo is done, the color palette completely changes, resembling the older logos used since 1985. The final result is a white castle on a bright day, with a light blue sky. The grass and the river are still shown below as usual, albeit the grass is a lighter green with yellow and orange flowers and green edges surrounding the river.

The logo is still entirely 3D, but the white castle is seen directly from the front, like the older 2D logo.

At the end, two birds are seen flying. They go up and the camera follows them.

Tomorrowland Disney Logo.png
Tomorrowland (2015)
This is a variation of the 2011 logo, playing a dramatic tune. The castle and its usual surroundings are completely replaced by futuristic structures and machines. Some of the fireworks have a shape resembling a diagram of the atomic structure. The arc is made by a rocket, which then keeps flying and passes near the screen. The river near the futuristic city structures near the end is also bigger than usual.
The Finest Hours - Disney logo.jpg
The Finest Hours (2016)
This is a variation of the 2011 logo. The logo is entirely tinted dark brown. The theme song is "The Hucklebuck", sung by Frank Sinatra.
Disney logo zootopia blu ray spot.jpg
Zootopia (2016)
Trailer variant: The castle is imported in the Zootopia skyline in a scene from the film, with the arc being formed as usual but wider. The "Disney" text is a bright blue-green variant.
Jungle Book 2016 1.jpg
The Lion King 2019 Disney Logo.jpg
The Jungle Book (2016)
The Lion King (2019)
This is a variation of the 2011 logo. It has been described by Jon Favreau as "a hand-painted, cel-animated multi-plane logo".[2]

This logo begins the same way as the current logo does with a glowing star shining in the night sky. The view then heads down to what appears to be Disneyland Park, complete with a boat on a river and a train with a steam engine resembling Casey Jr. going down a railroad track with two fireworks going off. Then, it heads high over Sleeping Beauty's castle, with fireworks going off. Eventually, it settles in front of the castle.

In The Jungle Book (2016), the arc is absent. When the logo is done, it zooms out into the wilderness until the title of the movie appears.

Closing variant: The normal closing logo plays, but the Disney text is not centered with the castle in its usual position.

In The Lion King (2019), the logo is the same but the music is reorchestrated and the arc is present. The zooming out effect from before is not done; the logo just disappears normally at the end.

Closing variant: The full 2011 logo plays, albeit silent.

BFG Disney Logo.png
The BFG (2016)
In the movie's trailer, the castle behind the word "Disney" is replaced with the Big Ben tower with the shade of lime green and glowing. The background was dark as midnight.
Disney logo moana trailer.png
Moana (2016)
Teaser variant: The entire logo is sewn onto a light brown blanket with a decorative border and pictures of islands surrounding the logo. The word "DISNEY" is reddish-brown, the castle has some decorative patterns, and there appears to be a line that likely resembles a river between the text and the castle.
BATB Disney Logo 2017.png
Beauty and The Beast (2017)
This a variation of the 2011 logo, set in the evening during the prince's ball. It fades in to a different opening sky and as we pan down, the river has a different curve and the town of Villeneuve is seen on the left. The regular castle is replaced by his castle and there are different fireworks with different sound effects. The sound heard when the arc goes over it is very different while the arc was way above the castle.

The "Disney" text zooms in like normal but the castle still zooms out. Then, we zoom out to a rose, where the Enchantress picks it up and the opening scene plays. This variation is also seen in the trailers, albeit fully formed without zooming out and time changing depending on the trailer.

Disney Logo DMTNT.jpg
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (2017)
Trailer variant: The clouds are stormy-looking and the castle is replaced with a bunch of stones and rocks.

Movie variant: The logo has a stormy sky, the fireworks are absent and the logo is slightly darker. Also, the flag on the top of the castle is replaced once again by the Jolly Roger flag, and the ship from the franchise's previous film's logo variant also appears again on the bottom left-hand corner. The spark that draws the curve live is noticeably absent and the sparkles forming the "Disney" text are nowhere to be seen. The text is also three-dimensional.

A Wrinkle in Time - Disney logo.jpg
A Wrinkle in Time (2018)
The logo begins like the traditional logo, but once it hits the final note, there is a sudden explosion of light and sound as the sky turns to space and the castle is emitted in aqua blue lighting. The castle and sky are distorted to give it a kaleidoscopic effect. The "Disney" text is also in gold.
Incredibles 2 (Disney Logo).png
Incredibles 2 (2018)
Incredibles 2 variant: The logo is animated in '60s-style 2D with a red color scheme, with some buildings on the left. A monorail goes by and a light on top of the flag pole blinks, then it fades with two shapes on the castle resembling two lowercase "i's" showing on the screen for a second before completely fading to black. There are no fireworks, and the "Disney" text is yellow.

Auntie Edna variant: The logo is already formed and fades in and out like normal.

Christopher Robin (2018)
The 2011 logo changes into a hand drawn illustration of the logo on a book page halfway through its animation. The "Disney" text is also in black. Once the logo finishes, it fades out on the page and transitions into the film's opening credits.
Disney (The Nutcracker and the Four Realms A).png
Disney (The Nutcracker and the Four Realms B).png
The Nutcracker and the Four Realms (2018)
The logo is darker and has a similar color palette to the 2006-2011 logo. The music is also reorchestrated and the "Disney" text is slightly brighter than usual. When the music finishes, Drosselmeyer's owl comes in by swooping down from the sky above the left side of the castle. The "Disney" text fades out, and the camera turns to the left to follow the owl, transitioning into the opening scene.
Disney logo ralph breaks the internet trailer.jpg
Disney logo ralph breaks the internet.png
Ralph Breaks the Internet (2018)
Trailer variant: The castle glitches.

Movie variant: At the end of the movie, it is normal at first, but it "shuts down" just like the first movie's closing variant.

Disney logo mary poppins returns teaser.jpg
Mary Poppins Returns - Disney logo.jpg
Mary Poppins Returns (2018)
The opening logo features the Disney castle in a park and in front of a London setting. The Tower Bridge and Big Ben can be seen on either sides.
Disney logo dumbo trailer.jpg
Dumbo (2019)
Aladdin (Disney Logo).png
Disney (2019, Aladdin variant).jpeg
Aladdin (2019)
Trailer variant: The logo for the 2019 Aladdin movie trailer features an Arabian version of the Disney castle, in the middle of the desert.

Movie variant: The opening logo plays as normal, but after it finishes, a star on the viewer's left-hand side brightens up like a glare of sunlight, changing the castle into a large ship.

Disney Logo - Mistress of Evil trailer.png
Disney (Maleficent Mistress of Evil).png
Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (2019)
Trailer variant: Like the first film, King Stefan's castle is in the place of the Disney castle, but in daylight and with a view of the Moors.

Movie variant: The logo plays as normal until the camera pans up into the opening scene.

Disney (Lady and the Tramp 2019).png
Lady and the Tramp (2019)
When the arc is almost drawn, the logo becomes sepia-toned. The logo's music is also composed in the style of 1950s jazz.
Disney (Noelle variant A).png
Disney (Noelle variant B).png
Walt Disney Pictures logo variant (Noelle).png
Noelle (2019)
As soon as the arc is drawn, it starts to snow. Additionally, the text is slightly transparent, After the logo is done, the text fades out and Santa's sleigh is seen flying above the castle. As the camera follows the sleigh, the camera pans up from the castle into the North Pole.
Artemis Fowl Disney Logo.jpg
Artemis Fowl (2020)
Trailer variant: The logo is on a dark blue-green gradient background with stars and various symbols in the background. The castle is metallic with a blue-green hue. The "Disney" text is also metallic with a blue hue. An arch with various symbols like those shown in the movie is seen over the castle.
Disney logo one and only ivan.png
Disney (The One and Only Ivan).png
The One and Only (2020)
Trailer variant: The background is stylized like a painting. The sky is painted in different shades of orange and the mountains are painted blue.

Movie variant: The logo is normal, but once it's complete, it fades into a foggy glass window with the castle as a texture on the window. The text "Inspired by a true story" appears, then disappears before the window is cleaned by Ivan, segueing to the opening scene of the film.

Enchanted Storybook Castle Mulan Logo.jpg
Mulan (2020)
Shanghai Disneyland's Enchanted Storybook Castle is used in place of the 2011 castle with some additional Chinese architectural structures to the sides. The flag on top of the castle is nearly the same, except it has a white background color and is vertically compressed but stretches out more as the camera pan down from the castle. The entire area is replaced by Ancient China, the movie's setting. Also, the "Disney" text is golden and the thinner clouds in the background of the opening shot are blue-gray instead of pink.
Disney Logo (Flora and Ulysses Variant).png
Flora & Ulysses (2021)
As the arc is drawn, the logo transforms into the style of a comic book. Then, the camera pans up into the opening scene. Before this, the logo's color palette is similar to that of the 2006-2011 logo.
Raya and the Last Dragon (1).png
Raya and the Last Dragon (2021)
Trailer variant: The castle is replaced by the Kingdom of Heart (the home of the titular character Raya).
Disney's Cruella Official Trailer (26).png
Disney castle - Cruella.png
Cruella - disney logo.jpg
Cruella (2021)
First trailer variant: Features the Disney castle in black and white and the Disney text in red.

Second trailer variant: Disney castle in black and white and Disney text in red. Sky background is black with white splatters.

Movie Variant: This is a variation of the Disney castle, completely in black and white and with a stormy sky. A backdrop of London can be seen in the background, and the Disney text is crimson red. The stars and the ship were absent in this variant.

Disney logo jungle cruise.png
Jungle Cruise (2021)
The first movie with the enhanced version of the logo. Once the logo finishes, it pans down into the river, transitioning into the opening scene.
Disney logo Encanto variant.png
Encanto (2021)
Trailer variant: The castle is replaced with Casa de Madrigal and the arch is made of yellow butterflies that eventually fly into the camera.


Picture Description
Magic Behind Bambi - Disney logo.png
Bambi: The Magic Behind the Masterpiece (1997)
The 1990 logo appears as usual. Tinker Bell then flies away from the logo and uses her magic wand to make it disappear in a explosion of pixie dust, starting this short documentary.
John Henry - Disney logo.jpg
John Henry (2000)
The logo is a patch sewn onto a quilt.
Lorenzo - Disney logo.png
Lorenzo (2004)
This is a variation of the 1990 logo. Each piece of this logo is animated as a neon sign, on a black background.

The castle appears first, separated into purple horizontal neon segments. Each castle segment appears at a time, from top to bottom. Then the yellow neon "Walt Disney" text appears.

The whole logo disappears for a second. At this point, the purple neon "PICTURES" text appears alone on the black background.

At the end, the castle an text reappears, and the arc is formed by four neon segments, one at a time. The first and third arc segments are green, while the second and fourth are yellow.

The theme music is played on violin. Someone's voice is heard saying "Concentration!" at the end.

Presto 1large.jpg
Presto (2008)
A variation of the 2006 logo, which appears fully formed and without any animation. The usual 3D castle is shown as a stationary object seen from the front, resembling the older 2D castles. It appears in front of a red textured background. This logo plays some circus-themed music. After the Walt Disney logo disappears, a variation of the Pixar logo is shown on the same textured red background.
Paperman - Disney logo.jpg
Paperman (2012)
The logo is black and white, the "Disney" text is written in chalk, and the castle is stylized like the short. Also, the curved line is drawn by a paper airplane from the short.
Get a Horse - Disney logo.jpg
Get a Horse! (2013)
A completely black and white variation of the 2011 logo appears at the end of this short. This logo is introduced by an iris shot transition. The castle and its environment are a stationary picture that is constantly shown to be subtly trembling, as a deliberate way to represent animation techniques from the 1920s.

Clarabelle Cow happily jumps over the castle and appears to be releasing milk to form the usual arc. The "Disney" text looks more like a normal signature, with a few uneven lines and an underline. There is a sparkle sound effect associated with the arc, and Clarabelle is heard mooing. The logo is otherwise silent.

Feast - Disney logo.jpg
Feast (2014)
A variation of the 2011 logo appears at the end of this short. The castle is a drawing on a plate, complete with the usual surroundings and the "Disney" text. Someone draws the arc using a bottle of ketchup, and then puts the bottle away. The shadow of Winston the dog can also be seen. The plate is on a table with fries, a napkin, a fork and a spoon. The music theme from the ending credits keeps playing when this logo is on screen.
Frozen Fever - Disney logo.jpg
Frozen Fever (2015)
The 2011 logo appears at the end of the short. On the ground, a Snowgy is seen jumping three times. The last jump makes it fly over the castle, forming the arc, which seems made of ice that quickly dissolves.
Inner Workings - Disney logo.jpg
Inner Workings (2016)
The 2011 logo is a beach setting with a sand castle in place of the Disney castle in front of the sun.
Disney logo gone fishing 1.png
Disney logo gone fishing 2.png
Gone Fishing (2017)
Disney logo olafs frozen adventure trailer.jpg
Olaf's Frozen Adventure (2017)
Trailer variant: The 2011 logo is completely tinted blue.
Disney logo once upon a snowman.png
Once Upon a Snowman (2020)
This logo is similar to the Frozen Fever logo, but instead of a Snowgie, Olaf jumps over the castle. The logo is also covered with snow and the "Disney" text is ice blue. The sky is also different.
Us again disney logo.png
Us Again (2021)
This is a variation of the 2011 logo. Each piece of this logo is animated as a neon sign, on in the city.

Video games

Picture Description
Disney Infinity (2013)
The Walt Disney Pictures logo LEGO.jpg
LEGO The Incredibles (2018)
Starts at the castle, much like the 2011 logo, before a laser from the Omnidroid cuts a circle through the logo; upon seeing Luxo, Jr., it curls into a ball, and Luxo, Jr. jumps on it, transitioning into the Pixar logo.

Disney Castle Openings from 45 Films

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