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Walt Disney Studios Park (to be renamed Disney Adventure World[1]) is the second theme park of Disneyland Paris. It is located to the west of the central hub, next to Disneyland Park and Disney Village at the heart of the resort in Marne-la-Vallée.


To all who enter this studio of dreams...welcome. Walt Disney Studios is dedicated to our timeless fascination and affection for cinema and television. Here we celebrate the art and the artistry of storytellers from Europe and around the world who create magic. May this special place stir our own memories of the past, and our dreams of the future. - Michael D. Eisner, March 16, 2002


Walt Disney Studios Park entrance

Entrance to the park.

The park opened on March 16, 2002, and is themed after a working film studio, with the "lands" being studio lots. Most of its attractions are imported from the other Disney parks in California, Florida, and Tokyo, although the park has original attractions including Moteurs... Action! Stunt Show Spectacular, which was later exported to Disney's Hollywood Studios at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

It was traditional for a period of time for Walt Disney Feature Animation to have a satellite animation studio at each of the company's resorts, but the Paris studio was located in Montreuil, at the city limits of Paris and was never associated with the park. Originally the Brizzi studio owned by brothers Paul Brizzi and Gaëtan Brizzi, Disney purchased the studio in the early 1990s and renamed it Walt Disney Feature Animation Paris (WDFA). WDFA Paris' first films were A Goofy Movie and the Mickey Mouse short Runaway Brain.

WDFA Paris contributed sequences to every Disney film from The Hunchback of Notre Dame to Atlantis: The Lost Empire, most notably producing the Firebird Suite sequence for Fantasia 2000. It was closed in 2004 following Disney Florida and Disney Japan, when Feature Animation was downsized to save production costs.

Walt Disney Studios Park also provided a production studio for the French (and occasionally British) versions of Disney Channel and Playhouse Disney.

Early Projects[]

Disney-MGM Studios Europe was the original plan for a second theme park and was scheduled to open in 1995. However, these plans were canceled around mid-1992 due to the resort's financial crisis of that time. After the resort began to make a profit, plans for a movie-themed theme park went into development again, but on a much smaller scale. In 2002, the Walt Disney Studios Park opened.

Recent Growth[]

In June 2007, a brand new "land" opened in the Animation Courtyard area of the park. Called Toon Studio, the new area is themed as a "toon backlot", apparently representing the film studio workplace of animated characters, where they produce their animated classics. The concept was created exclusively for Walt Disney Studios Park and features two brand new attractions, not seen in any other Disney Theme Park, along with small merchandising locations and many character meet-and-greets.

The key attractions in this expansion phase are Crush's Coaster, a custom-designed Maurer Söhne SC 2000 indoor spinning roller coaster, and Cars: Race Rally themed to the 2006 Disney/Pixar film, Cars, with the ride taking the form of an enhanced teacups ride. Similar attractions can be found in Mermaid Lagoon at Tokyo DisneySea and Cars Land in Disney's California Adventure. On December 22, 2007, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror attraction soft-opened with the new Hollywood Boulevard on Production Courtyard. Stitch Live! replaced the Disney Channel Studio Tour.

In 2009, new attractions and entertainment opened at Walt Disney Studios to run alongside with Mickey's Magical Party, which began in April 2009. A new attraction Playhouse Disney Live On Stage! opened next to Stitch Live! and is presented in English, French and Spanish. For the first time, Walt Disney Studios Park received a full parade, Disney's Stars 'n' Cars is a smaller version of Disney Stars and Motor Cars Parade, which had previously come from Disney's Hollywood Studios park in Walt Disney World Resort, Florida. Said parade was eventually removed in 2014.

As with the rest of the resort, Walt Disney Studios Park was temporarily closed between March 12 and July 15, 2020 in an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and again between October 30, 2020 and June 17, 2021.

In recent years, a massive re-imagining project has begun to double to current footprint of the park. This involves the construction of a promenade called Adventure Way, featuring gardens and a Tangled themed attraction, leading up to a giant lake at the center of the park called "Adventure Bay", as well as the construction of a World of Frozen, similar to the land in Hong Kong Disneyland.

A new immersive world, being finalized by Imagineers as of April 2024, is planned for the expansion, too.

During Disneyland Paris' thirty-second Anniversary, it was announced that, coinciding with the opening of the World of Frozen, the park will be renamed to Disney Adventure World.[2]

Studio Lots[]

The Walt Disney Studios feature three lots.

Front Lot[]

Toon Studio[]

Production Courtyard[]

Avengers Campus[]


World of Frozen[]

Adventure Way[]

Recent Park Map[]

Walt Disney Studios Park April 2024 MapDL

Sister parks[]

Walt Disney Studios Park is considered a sister park to Disney's Hollywood Studios (formerly Disney-MGM Studios) in Walt Disney World, which opened in 1989. Both parks feature a show business theme, and the two parks share numerous attractions. The Earffel Tower, Walt Disney Studios Park's water-tower icon structure, is essentially identical to Hollywood Studios' Earffel Tower; Hollywood Studios' icon formerly was the Earffel Tower prior to the construction of the Sorcerer's Hat in 2001.


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