Wartwood Swamp is a local charted town in Amphibia, populated by anthropomorphic amphibians. Unlike many cities on Earth, this place is not technologically advanced and instead uses traditional methods such as mushrooms for lights and is somewhat more similar to the Middle Ages.

Known Residents

  • Hop Pop Plantar is the owner of the Plantar farm, a very poor shaped home with numerous damage being broken walls, flooded basement, ceiling collapsing, shattering windows and breaking equipment. He also owns a vegetable stand.
  • Sprig Plantar is Hop Pop's grandson and older brother of Polly, as well he's befriends and the guide of Anne Boonchuy.
  • Polly Plantar is Sprig's younger sister and Hop Pop's granddaughter, who only still just a tadpole.
  • Bessie is the Plantar family's snail who likes eating mushrooms and has been trained to quickly pop and escape from danger.
  • Sadie Croaker is elderly frog with a pet Spider
  • Mayor Toadstool is the mayor of Wartwood Swamp who's always greedy.
  • Barry is a fruit and candy vendor who may seem like a nice, but he's actually quite reckless and uses witchcraft.
  • Maddie Flour is a young strange creepy frog and was originally the fiancée of Spring Plantar until they broke up peaceful after the episode, "Cursed!".
  • Leopold Loggle is a carpenter who works at a local carpentry shop in Wartwood.
  • Ivy Sundew is a tomboy child frog that enjoys taking by surprise by yelling "ambush".
  • Felicia Sundew is Ivy's mother who adores seeing her daughter and Sprig together.
  • Sadie Croaker is a typical elderly frog who's lived for a very long time. She was revealed to have once been a spy.
  • One-Eyed Wally is the town vagrant who acts rather strange and normally speaks with an English accent.
  • Albus Duckweed is a Salamander who acts as a restaurant critic and is critical of other people's work.
  • Soggy Joe is a muscular dull frog seen around in Wartwood though its unknown if he resides there.
  • Chuck is a tulip farmer and Bugball player. He is voiced by the series creator, Matt Braly.
  • Toadie is a loyal advisor and Mayor Toadstool's assistant.
  • Stumpy is chef in Wartwood that somehow lost both his hands and replaced them with kitchen tools.

Known Places

  • Plantar Farm - where Sprig, Polly and Hop Pop live and guest home of Anne Boonchuy.


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