"Wasabi Warriors" is the pilot episode of the Disney XD series Kickin' It.


Jack Brewer is a new student at Seaford High School. He meets Kim in the lunchroom and catches her apple with his quick reflexes before it drops to the floor. Jerry, Milton, and Eddie, all three martial artists, invite Jack to sit with them but soon the rival Black Dragons are bombarding them with meatballs. Jack confronts them to stop picking on his new friends, but the Black Dragons want a fight. After Jack takes out his four opponents single-handedly, he rushes out of the lunch room. Rudy, a sensei at the Bobby Wasabi Dojo in the mall, is sad to hear that if he does not earn two belts at the next tournament the dojo will close. While skateboarding in the mall, Jack is running from the mall security. He crashes through the wall at the dojo and Rudy determines that Jack is the one who can save the dojo. Security catches him but Rudy "bails him out" telling him that if he joins the dojo Rudy will rip up the police report and Jack won't go to "juvie." Jack tells Rudy that his grandfather taught martial arts to Bobby Wasabi. Across the way from the dojo at a restaurant, Kim criticizes Jack's choice of the Bobby Wasabi dojo. She takes him to the Black Dragon dojo, where she trains, and the sensei there gives him a bowstaff. Rudy is not happy that Jack even stepped foot into the other dojo but accidentally reveals that Jack would have only been banned from the mall. Jack storms out because he is made that Rudy lied to him. Later he returns to the dojo to pick up his things and discovers the martial artists packing everything up. He realizes that the dojo means everything to everyone else and says he will help. At the tournament, Eddie wins his round, Jerry fails his, and Milton wins his. They have the two belts they need, until Milton "nipple twists" his opponent after rubbing the win in the Black Dragons' faces, causing him to be eliminated. Jack and Kim face off in the final round. The Black Dragon sensei cheats and has a student kick Jack's leg, slightly hurting him. Kim quits the challenge because of her team's cheating, and Jack, by doing an outstanding back handspring kick, wins for the Bobby Wasabi dojo. Kim joins their dojo and all four of the students approve of her joining.

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