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"Watching and Dreaming" is the forty-third episode of the Disney Channel animated series The Owl House. It premiered on April 8, 2023 and is the series finale.


The fate of everything on the Boiling Isles now rests on the shoulders of a human, a cursed witch, and a determined but tiny little King.


Luz gets separated from her loved ones after the Collector snaps his fingers. A bright light surrounds her, and when it dissipates, she finds herself sitting on the Emperor's throne, wearing his robes. Everyone she knows, including her friends, are turned to stone. Her friends attack her, blaming her for the situation, but Luz realizes they are not real. She learns that the Collector has taken them and is playing games to keep her away from Eda and King. To save everyone, Luz has to wake up by "turning on the light." Amity hands her a light glyph, which she uses to wake up and help Eda and King wake up too.

Watching and Dreaming (27)

Luz, Eda, and King reunited.

The Collector is upset. Belos, in Raine's body, suggests wiping them out, but the Collector wants to be friends with them. Plus his magic does not work against a Titan. He then brags that when a Titan's fully grown they are more powerful than anyone, and the heart in Belos' castle possesses such power, which piques Belos' interest. So, he convinces the Collector to play with the trio in person, which he agrees to. He confronts Luz, Eda, and King, and challenges them to several games. But after constantly getting beaten by the trio, the Collector eventually breaks down, revealing his loneliness and past betrayals. Long ago, he was tricked by his siblings, the Archivists, into playing with the Titans, who were very welcoming to him. But the Archivists were scared of their power. So, they wiped them all out till there was only one left. The blame was pinned on the Collector, and he was imprisoned by the last Titan. Luz, Eda, and King begin to understand the Collector; he is a child who has been alone, abandoned, and misunderstood like themselves. They offer to be his friends and tell him stories of how they became friends. Meanwhile, Belos returns to his castle, with Raine in tow. Raine manages to break the Collector's spell and expels Belos from their body. But despite Raine's efforts to stop him, Belos merges with the Titan's heart and takes control of the Boiling Isles just as Amity, Gus, Hunter, and Willow escape their puppet forms.

Luz, Eda, and King take the Collector to the Owl House, the place where their friendship began. They reminisce about their initial struggles of fitting in and how they decided to not fit in together. Luz shows the Collector memory photos of all the challenges she faced and the new friends she made. When the Collector sees the photo of Luz, Willow, and Amity played Grudgby against Boscha, he asks to see the Grudgby pitch. However, his attempt to ask three students (Mattholomule, Jerbo, and Selene) to play Grudgby with him fails, and the students run away in fear. Next, they visit the Knee, where Eda helped Luz make a connection with the Isles. The Collector asks Luz how she was able to befriend the witches of the Isles, and she explains that it takes kindness and forgiveness. As she demonstrated the ice glyph, the Collectors remarks that the Titan must favor her enough to share the glyphs. Suddenly, they hear a rumbling sound that resembles breathing. The Titan's eye lights up, and they realize that it is Belos.

Watching and Dreaming (175)

Belos, after merging with the Titan's heart.

Belos has unleashed a deadly forest of mold that quickly spreads across the Isles. Luz, Eda, King, and the Collector make it to Belos' castle, which has now been transformed into a giant monster by the mold. Now all-powerful, Belos sets out to destroy all of witchkind. Remembering what Luz's words about kindness and forgiveness, the Collector tries to make peace with Belos. However, Belos betrays him and attacks. Luz sacrifices herself to protect the Collector, but gets hit by Belos' blast and dies. Her body is consumed by the mold, leaving behind small particles of light that float away. Filled with rage and despair, Eda and King unleash their inner demons and attack Belos. The Collector is left confused and frightened, finally understanding the concept of death.

Luz's spirit finds herself sinking into a dark void, but is rescued by the Titan, King's father. The Titan explains that she is only partially dead and warns her that sinking into the void will result in her permanent death. The place they are standing in, is the space in-between, where the Titan has been trapped for quite some time. But thanks to the cubes, he has been able to keep an eye on his son and those who have been kind to him. However, Luz doesn't think of herself as kind and confesses that she had hoped the Collector would blast Belos away. The Titan relates that he was willing to do anything to protect his son but had realized too late that he had wrongfully blamed the Collector. His words make Luz wonder if they're just as bad as Belos but the Titans tells her that Belos is driven by his delusions of heroism and his fear of what he can't control. With Belos' corruption spreading across his body, he offers his remaining life force to help Luz defeat Belos once and for all. Though hesitant at first, Luz eventually accepts the Titan's offer and is granted his powers. As a magic sphere forms around Luz to take her back to the demon realm, the Titan warned that his powers won't last long, so she would need to defeat Belos swiftly. However, Luz is more concerned over what he wanted to say to King. The Titan whispers something in her ear before transforming into a massive skeleton and sinks into the void, biding her a final farewell.

Watching and Dreaming (262)

Luz has become a powerful Titan witch.

The fight between Eda, King, and Belos intensifies, with neither one relenting. The Collector begs them to stop but they are too enraged to listen. Not only that, but his magic is consumed by Belos' mold, rendering him powerless. For the first time, the Collector apologizes and shows empathy, crying over his actions and the chaos he has contributed to. Enraged by this, Belos attempts to crush the three of them, but Luz, now partially a Titan witch, protects them. With her new powers, the trio are able to fight their way to the Titan's heart while the Collector goes to the Archives to save everyone. Luz, Eda, and King break through Belos' demon shell and rescue Raine. With all her strength, Luz removes Belos from the Titan's heart, putting an end to his control over the Boiling Isles. Changing into the form of Philip Wittebane, Belos tries to feign reformation, but Luz sees through his deception. As the boiling rain begins to fall, Belos melts while Luz remains unharmed. Eda, Raine, and King stomp him out of existence, ending his reign of witch-hunting forever. As the sun comes out, the magic of the Titan leaves Luz and flies away to the stars. Luz, Eda, and King embrace each other, grateful to have survived and defeated Belos. They lie down on the grass, relieved that everything is finally over. The Boiling Isles have been saved, and the three of them are safe and happy together. Luz then reveals that the Titan wished to tell King, "I loaf you!"

Watching and Dreaming (376)

Time to start a new chapter.

After saving the Demon Realm, the Collector restores everyone to normal and everyone is happily reunited with their family and friends. Everyone begins rebuilding the Isles, and while some were hesitant to change, many were ready to give it a shot. The Collector promised to try his best, but realized he had a lot of growing up to do. He returned to the stars but promised to meet King again. Everyone got their happy endings, but Luz discovers the glyphs no longer work due to the Titan giving up all his energy.

Four years later, Luz is heading off to college on the Boiling Isles and is excited to see her friends again. Camila and Vee are also moving into the abandoned house in the woods, which now has a new portal to the Demon Realm created by the Collector. Many things have changed over the last few years. Willow is now a professional Flyer Derby player, while Hunter has become a Palisman carver and has a new one named Waffles. Lilith has become an architect and now has her own harpy form, and Amity is proficient in Abomination engineering. Bump has retired from being the principal of Hexside and has taken on gardening, while Alador, Darius, Eberwolf, and Raine work to remove all the coven sigils. As for Eda, she has opened her own school, the University of Wild Magic, where Gus teaches the culture of the Human Realm and where Luz will be attending.

Watching and Dreaming - BYE


Upon returning to the Boiling Isles, Camila and Vee surprise Luz with a belated quinceañera in the style of the Isles. This was due to Luz's three-year contribution to rebuilding the Isles, covering her 15th, 16th, and 17th birthdays. King thrills everyone by revealing his newfound ability to empower the glyphs. Additionally, as a gift, the Collector presents a stunning light display for Luz and her friends. Luz expresses her gratitude to Eda and King for their support throughout the years. As the light show nears its end and the Collector is about to leave, Luz and the rest of the party all shout a final farewell toward the sky.



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  • This is the third and final hour-long episode special of The Owl House.
  • Production on this episode was finished on March 10, 2023.[1]
  • Sarah-Nicole Robles made her last voice recording for Luz on January 20, 2023.[2]
  • Luz does magic like everyone else in the demon realm to defeat Belos.
  • Luz and Amity share their second kiss on the lips.
  • At the end of the episode, Lilith has her own harpy transformation.
  • Luz graduates Gravesfield High and moves to the Boiling Isles to attend the University of Wild Magic.
  • At the end of the episode, Eda gets a hook in place of her right arm.
  • Hunter carves a new palisman.
    • His new palisman is a blue jay named Waffles.
  • On Luz's board, there is a sticker that looks like Polly Plantar from Amphibia.
  • The signature on Luz's writing scholarship reads Dana Terrace.
  • The Collector has created a portal between Human Realm and Demon Realm via the Owl House and the Wittebane's old home.
  • Luz and the gang have tattoos of Flapjack in his memory.
  • Three of the games that the Collector plays with the Owl House trio resemble Pac-Man, Marbles, and Jenga.
  • Luzs death and revival is similar to that of Anne during her own climax.
  • Among Lilith's library/museum extension plans are an exhibit on Deadwardian balusters (a note on the blueprints reads "Finally!"), Hall of Titan Research, a glyph exhibit, potential space for student exhibits, and what appears to read "Disco with Bar" (though her hand does cover most of it). The blueprints also feature a reminder to write to Flora D'esplora to show off.
  • Kikimora briefly appears during the credits, having been put to work in the rebuilding of Bonesborough.
  • Many other characters and creatures throughout the series also appear during the credits.

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