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Wax Stan is a wax figure that was made by Mabel in Gravity Falls. It was made to look like Stan Pines.


Physical description

Wax Stan is made in the likeness of Grunkle Stan, but its colors are a bit faded and it is covered in glitter. Like the other wax figures, its right shoe has a hole in it. Its eyes, like the other wax figures, are set apart. Unlike Grunkle Stan, its fez has a purplish tint due to its faded color, and it has visible gray irises.

Role in the series

In the episode "Headhunters,", Mabel constructs Wax Stan out of the remains of the wax figure of Abraham Lincoln to replace the missing figure. At the grand re-opening of the Mystery Shack's wax museum, Grunkle Stan introduces Wax Stan with the rest of the previous wax figures. Unfortunately, the show was a failure due to the flyers' false advertising by Stan, forcing Stan to flee from the ceremony with the money gained from admission to the event.

Later that night, Wax Stan's wax head is cut with a left-handed ax by Wax Sherlock Holmes when he mistook the figure to be the real Stan, so he steals Wax Stan's head. Dipper and Mabel then set out to solve the "murder" of Wax Stan, which leads them to discovering the supernatural nature of the other figures. After they defeat the wax figures and the head back from Wax Sherlock Holmes, the twins return Wax Stan's head to Stan and reattach it to its body. A fully reassembled Wax Stan appears again on "The Deep End, however it begins to melt due to intense heat caused by the hottest day of the summer.



  • Just as the symbol on Stan's fez changed in "Bottomless Pit!", so did the symbol on Wax Stan's fez.
  • Wax Stan is the only wax figure that survived Headhunters besides Wax Larry King, although it was not technically part of the original set of figures.
  • In "Between the Pines," Stan's closeness to Wax Stan is confirmed to be because Wax Stan reminded him of his own twin brother.
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