Wayne is the protagonist of Prep & Landing and its sequel. He is a Special Operations elf who appears in the Christmas special and works alongside Lanny.


After working tirelessly on Prep & Landing for 287 years, Wayne is upset when he doesn't receive an expected promotion to be the Director of Naughty List Intelligence. Instead, Magee, the North Pole Christmas Eve Command Center Coordinator (NPCECCC for short), partners Wayne with Lanny, an idealistic rookie who has an undying enthusiasm for Christmas.

Official Bio

Wayne has worked on Prep & Landing for 227 years, longer than almost all other elves currently active in the division.

Wayne graduated without much academic distinction from Kringle Academy, ranking in the middle of his class.

Wayne and his roommate, Big Mike, were infamous for their campus hijinks, and were nearly expelled for their most renowned prank: somehow managing to encase their instructor’s office entirely in a block of ice. Wayne redeemed himself, however, by successfully completing the Tannenbaum Trial with record scores, thanks mostly to his quick thinking and instincts. This ingenuity was not lost on the Big Guy, who quickly assigned Wayne to Prep & Landing.

Wayne and Magee dated briefly after meeting at a Christmas party, but the romance fizzled after the “insensitive knitted sweater incident”. Fortunately, they have remained close friends over the years.

Wayne was quite the athlete in his day, and still enjoys participating in the occasional sporting event, especially those pitting Prep & Landing against the Coal Elves.

Likes: Wayne loves jazz.

Dislikes: Wayne cannot stand the smell of peppermint. It often gives him a rash.

Random Facts: Wayne plays cards with Thrasher the Reindeer every Thursday night. At Thrasher’s insistence, the location is undisclosed.


Prep & Landing

Wayne is introduced as one of the top secret Christmas elves whose mission is to enter houses without getting noticed, being described as an elf agent part of Prep & Landing, an elite unit of elves traveling to various houses worldwide ready for Santa's arrival. The following year on Christmas Eve, Wayne drives his snowmobile at a reserved spot, telling another elf named Waterkotte not to give him a ticket, explaining that he is on his way to Magee's office, much to his warning of putting a parking sticker on his vehicle which is later towed away for parking at a reserved spot. Arriving at Magee's office at the NPCECCC, Wayne talks to Magee about his celebration tie to which she tells him that he never received the promotion - only his partner Peterson received it. Explaining that Wayne did train Peterson, Magee tells that Wayne has a new partner to train. Just as Wayne's partner Lanny enters Magee's office, he introduces himself to Wayne who is excited to be working with him. Upon arriving, Magee escorts the two elves to the last transport reindeer Thrasher for transportation.

Arriving at the spot where Thrasher is at, Wayne and Lanny board Thrasher as the two are deployed at Sector 7 to arrive at a house belonging to a boy named Timmy. Arriving there, Lanny does his plan to go upstairs to report regular intervals while Wayne does his Cookie Assessment plan. While Wayne relaxes to watch TV, Lanny asks him for help to which he refuses to. However, Timmy arrives towards Wayne sitting on the chair just as he introduces himself to the elf. Lanny manages to help save Wayne by putting Timmy to sleep. Wayne and Lanny plan to put Timmy back to his bed, just as Lanny explains to him that the next day, the thrill would not be gone for Timmy.

Magee then reports to Wayne that the snowstorm outside Timmy's house is bad for Santa's arrival, believing that Wayne would get coal for the failure of the mission. Wayne feels disappointed for his supposed failure just as Timmy thanks Wayne for giving him the best Christmas ever. While leaving, Wayne calls Magee to call Santa to talk to him, asking him to come to Timmy's house. Wayne then decides to do the job for Santa just as he and Lanny leave and watch at the rooftop for Santa's arrival to which the signal ropes end up getting blown away by the snowstorm. Planning to get rope, the two elves use an inflatable snow globe along with Christmas lights to help Santa make his way to Timmy's house successfully. Fortunately, Santa makes his way to Timmy's house just as the elves of Prep & Landing celebrate the success. Following the success, Lanny invites Wayne for the gift exchange to which he decides to catch up later. Wayne then apologizes to Santa for what he did earlier to which he explains that everyone makes mistakes. Santa gives him a snow globe with Timmy's house inside to remind him of what is going on in the inside of Timmy's house. Wayne then talks to Lanny about Santa promoting him for being Director of the Nice List. He then shows footage of Timmy having the best Christmas ever to his partner.

Operation: Secret Santa

Wayne, alongside his partner Lanny, returns in this special where Magee takes them to a "Silent Night" operation. As the two arrive at Mrs. Claus's sleigh, Mrs. Claus offers the elves hot chocolate as well as an important mission where Wayne and Lanny must find a wooden box at Santa's office. As the elves begin their mission, she tells them not to make her sad. Lanny, however, tells Wayne that this is a bad idea as he and Lanny might be on Santa's Naughty List just as the two arrive there. Just as Santa wakes up, he scolds the elves for sneaking into his office he puts the two on the Naughty List, causing the elves to receive coal for Christmas. Back at the office again, Mrs, Claus tells Wayne and Lanny about the miniature Christmas tree on the bookshelf. The two manage to unlock a switch leading down to Santa's Secret Workshop to which as Wayne and Lanny arrive there, the two find the wooden box that Mrs. Claus requested in order to complete their mission. Upon grabbing it, the two manage to escape before Santa wakes up. Back with Mrs. Claus, she receives the wooden wheel piece to her husband, which is a wooden duck (the first toy that Santa has ever made). Santa then thanks his wife for finding the missing piece just as the NPCECCC elves gaze in awe.

Naughty vs. Nice

Wayne returns in this follow-up to the special where he tries out a new snowmobile in the Natalé simulation area just as Lanny delivers him an urgent message from Magee to which he and Lanny meet up with Magee who is talking with Mr. Thistleton via hologram telling that the NPCECCC's systems have detected a naughty child last year named "Grace Goodwin", to which Magee suggests a Coal Elf named Noel (who is an expert on children on the Naughty List) to take care of Grace. As Wayne and Lanny arrive at Carol's Bar, Noel arrives via Natalé Turbo just as he introduces himself to the elves just as Wayne introduces Lanny to Noel as Wayne's little brother.

Back at NPCECCC, Wayne explains to Noel that Thrasher, one of Santa's reindeer, is unsociable. Despite Wayne thinking about this, Thrasher takes Lanny, Wayne, and Noel to their destination. On their way, Noel explains about his flashback with Wayne pretending to be superheroes Captain Avalanche and Snowball and how they felt interested upon this. As Thrasher alerts the elves for a drop-off, Noel is deployed to his destination, alongside Wayne and Lanny. As the three arrive at Grace's house, Wayne accidentally activates Grace's ringtone causing Grace to spy on the elves. With Lanny captured by Grace, Wayne and Noel overhear Grace asking him so that she can be on the Nice List. Noticing Grace's suspicious actions towards the North Pole Database, Noel manages to stop Grace by finding the Fruitcake that Magee tasked the elves to find in order to save Christmas, just as Wayne feels shocked that Noel is to be Elf of the Year. Much to his anger about being replaced by Noel, Wayne and Noel get into an argument about this until both realize each other's mistakes. Noel gives Wayne the super sled seen in Noel's flashback.

Meanwhile, Magee warns Wayne that due to Grace's suspicion, she is putting every child in the world to be on the Naughty List so that Grace would only be the nice child in the world. Unable to contact Mr. Thistleton, he explains that the only way to stay in contact is to rewire the Fruitcake to give contact to the database to stop every nice person from being put on the Naughty List. Grace, however, joins with Wayne and Noel (with Lanny helping the the two). Grace apologizes to Wayne for her naughty behavior. Wayne and Noel manage to get on the top of the antenna to stop the percentage of every nice person being put on the Naughty List by launching the Fruitcake on the antenna to give contact, saving Christmas once and for all.

Back with Santa, he congratulates Wayne and Noel for the mission accomplished with Grace finally receiving the present she wanted, ranking both of them as Elves of the Year.

Other Appearances

In Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom, he and Lanny have their own spell card called "Wayne & Lanny's Ornament Barrage". This card was only available to guests that attended Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party in the fall of 2012.


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