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Wayne Anthony Allwine was an American voice actor, sound effects editor, and foley artist for the Disney Studio. Allwine originally began working in the mailing room for the Disney Studios in 1966, before working in the sound effects department with Jimmy MacDonald. He was cast as the third voice of Mickey Mouse in 1977, taking over for Jimmy MacDonald after his retirement from Disney in 1977. His first voice role as Mickey began in The All New Mickey Mouse Club. Allwine voiced the character for 32 years until he passed away in 2009.

He also voiced one of the thug guards in The Great Mouse Detective, Otto, a Weasel and a poor dog in Mickey's Christmas Carol, and Ludwig Von Drake in the Disney Channel special Ludwig's Think Tank.

His final performances as Mickey Mouse were in the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode "Goofy Babysitter", and the video game Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, which were released after his death, with Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. And also, his "in loving memory" dedication is shown at the end of the end credits of Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse long episode, "Choo-Choo Express". However, Wayne had already managed to record all of his lines of dialogue for Mickey in the entirety of season 3 of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse as they were production in either late 2008 or early 2009, which was well before he died. Those pre-recorded episodes with Wayne's voice as Mickey were aired months and then later years after his death.

From 1991 to 2009, he was married to Russi Taylor, who was the voice of Minnie Mouse since 1986 until her death in 2019, 10 years after his passing.

In 2013, his voice was re-used in the video game Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX. In 2014, his voice was again used in the English-language version of Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX.

After he passed on, Bret Iwan immediately succeeded Allwine as the voice of Mickey Mouse. Bret also took over as Mickey in the season 4 premiere of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

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