Wayne Kresky is an elder Disney Imagineer hired by Walt Disney himself in the young adult book series, the Kingdom Keepers. He came up with the idea to make the DHIs to save the parks from the Overtakers, using the idea of them becoming hologram guides as an excuse. He lives above the firestation on Main Street.

In Disney After Dark, Wayne commissions the five Keepers to fight the Overtakers. He works to help them understand Walt's plan to use his original pen, which has the power to slay characters if they're jabbed with it and bring to life objects drawn on paper. After capturing de facto leader of the Overtakers, Maleficent, they use the pen to create a fireworks show after Midnight.

Throughout the stories, Wayne helps the Keepers through whatever means he can, such as his riddles and sending his daughter Wanda to assist when he needs to hide from the Overtakers. He has been taken hostage before, but was rescued by the Keepers.

In the Seventh Book, Wayne has been missing for some time, having gone underground after the Overtakers framed him for stealing files on the Missing Mickey. During the battle in Toon Town with Tia Dalma, Cruella De Vil, Evil Queen and Judge Doom, this brave and kindly Imagineer gives his life to save Willa from Doom's blade.

Wayne left many clues behind, such as his golden watch. Finn used this and himself as a lightning rod to slay Chernabog. Wayne's spirit spoke to Finn through Mickey, telling him that the job Walt had given him was now done and the Disney parks were now protected by the legendary Children of Light/Kingdom Keepers.


  • Wayne favors riddles to assist, while his daughter directly helps in any way that she can.
  • He is based on a real Walt Disney World employee who worked behind the scenes at Splash Mountain.


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