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The Waziri Tribe or Waziri are a group of African human beings living in the jungles of Africa where Tarzan and his friends are situated in a small village alongside the river running through the jungle.


The Waziri are dark skinned with dark hair and brown eyes. Most of their garments are green, orange, yellow, or beige in various designs of skirts, togas, sarongs, and simplistic gowns. They usually have jewelry and decorations of metal such as bands, bracelets, and ear rings, while having necklaces with fragments of bones from hunted animals and crafted beads.

Society & Culture

The culture appears to have stressed the importance of cohabitation with nature in huts alongside river beds for food and sustenance; all of Waziri society focuses around working in conjunction with nature as a hunter-gatherer society. The Waziri have lived in the jungle for countless generations and place a great importance on tradition, respecting nature, and strength of the tribe, as they have women and men betrothed from infancy and a man proving they are worthy of manhood and marriage by completing a challenge as befits their status in the society (e.g. higher the position, the harder the challenge), but can choose one person to aid them.

The Waziri are also highly distrustful of outsiders and will respond to outside intrusion with violence and detainment. However, if outsiders prove to be helpful to the Waziri, they will be lauded as friends and lifelong allies. The Waziri were also a superstitious people who dislike matters of dark magic and will banish tribe members who practice the dark arts. In terms of respect, the traditions are not to be violated by its members or outsiders and if done so, they must appease the Chief as reparation such as when Jane had to clean Chief Keewazi's throne as penance for convincing Naoh to protest against the tradition of her marriage. The Waziri also enjoy celebrations where they dance around flames in ceremonial masks or with their friends while playing drums. 

When a Waziri reaches the age of 50, they make a journey in the spring to a secret hot spring in a nearby mountain and drink from it, as it supposedly rejuvenites the mind, body, and spirit as the journey itself strengthens the body. In Waziri tradition, a single name is passed on from one generation to the next. When they are explaining an individual age, they refer the lineage of their entire families every generation. 


The Royalty among the Tribe is delegated to a singular old council made up of tribe elders. Waziri elders are respected for their age and are held in high regard by the rest of the Tribe because their age is believed to give them experience. The Waziri tribe is led by a Chief who discusses matter with the council and leads the major decisions of the tribe and leads its people.


The technology of the Waziri is not as advanced as others at the time due to a tribalistic state of living. As such their technology is limited to spears, knives, bows and arrows, and clubs. However, the Waziri are skilled at herbs and pottery and can create varied huts and vases from mud and water. They are skilled enough to create nets, knockout darts, torches, and guerrilla traps but are greatly overwhelmed by more advanced weapons such as guns and explosives as displayed when the whole tribe was rendered helpless by the armaments of a small group of miners.The Waziri also use a different Calender than Western Powers such as the English, but it is said their calender system is actually more accurate.


  • The Waziri have many sayings on life and proverbs that they follow:
    • "The Boat goes up the river as well as down."
    • "There are times when a man must stand his ground and fight."

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