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"We Both Know How This Ends" is the twelfth episode of the Disney XD series Tron: Uprising. It premiered December 10, 2012.


In one of Tesler's bases, the renegade injects a virus into all of the enemy tanks. He is soon noticed and must fight off two Black Guards. Pavel sends in guards in order to trap him, but Beck avoids them on his light cycle. When the renegade is trapped between the tanks, Pavel gives the order to fire on him. Instead of annihilating the renegade, the tanks malfunction due to the virus.

Mara arrives at the garage complaining about the mess left by the last shift. Able approaches her asking her if she's seen Beck or Zed. He explains that he will be late and leaves her in charge of the garage. Mara scolds Zed and Beck for being late. She begs them to help her out with fixing the transport lift.

In a snowy, mountainous portion of the Grid, Able drives across a narrow path. After being bitten by a grid bug, he has to leap from his vehicle before if plunges into the ravine.

Zed tries to tell the other mechanics in the break room a joke, but he fails miserably. Mara is unhappy that Beck and Zed haven't even begun working on repairing the lift. Two of the employees ask for the afternoon off because they can't finish their work on a light chopper until the lift is operational. Beck tries to assure Mara that all the work can easily be done before Able returns, but soon Pavel and his guards pull into the garage with the damaged tanks. Tesler intimidates Mara, saying that she only has till the end of the cycle to repair them all or be sentenced to a fate worse than the games.

Able sets up a portable tent with a beacon on the mountain.

Mara realizes that the problem in the tanks is caused by an irreversible code. One of the other mechanics steps up and takes charge telling everyone to split up into teams to work on the tanks. Working frantically, no one is able to come up with a solution. Link's tank misfires and begins shooting in the garage. Soon the one Zed is working with slams through a wall and sinks into the energy sea nearby.

Able begins attaching wires to the tent. He senses another program nearby and draws his disc. A black program steps up and reveals himself to be Tron.

In the tent, Able gives Tron a canister of healing serum for the healing chamber. Tron sees that this serum is not the only reason Able invited him here. Able tells Tron that he needs to stop training Beck because they "both know how this ends." As they are talking, a swarm of grid bugs scurries to them in a frenzy.

Mara is stressing that they will not have enough time to mend the tanks. Mara has a spark of inspiration, asking Link how he fired his tank previously.

Able draws his disc, which Tron considers to be threatening, until the bugs begins attacking. Instead of fending off the pests, they blow up the tent and ride off on a light cycle.

Mara discovers a failsafe in the tank coding which she uses to repair all the tanks. Beck sneaks away to the locker room, hoping to go off as the renegade, but Mara angrily tells him to stop slacking off. Addressing all of the mechanics, she tells them that she will take the blame for any repercussions from their failure to reverse the tank's glitches.

As soon as the timer runs down, Pavel happily flies in telling Mara that instead of brutally taking the mechanics to the games, he could derez them there. Mara confidently tells him that all of the tanks are operational. Pavel admits that all of the tanks are in working condition "except the one that's missing". Zed drives it in at the last moment after fixing the lift and hauling the tank from the sea.

Able returns and gives Beck a light baton to give back to him. Confused, Beck asks who but Able says he knows who. He compliments Mara on her maintaining the garage in his absence.

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