"We Go On" is the closing song of IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth, originally performed by artist Kellie Coffey and written by Don Dorsey.

One of many songs created for the Millennium Celebration, it was also performed at Super Bowl XXXVI as the Halftime Show finale and just as the primary Reflections of Earth score has become popular with fireworks presentations around the country, so too has "We Go On".

Despite inexperience as a lyricist, Don Dorsey took it upon himself to write the lyrics as efforts by other songwriters hadn't quite hit the right spirit, wanting something emotionally neutral and factual.

As humans, you know, we fight to survive, we move into tomorrow as best we can. It wasn't going to be 'Rah, rah, it's the the millennium,' I didn't want to take it as that kind of a celebration. It was really more of a moment to recognize. And so the phrase, 'we go on' just sort of came to me as I was consoling a friend who had just lost a job. You know, when I was talking to him, I said, 'Well, you know, we go on.' And then I got back on the plane and realized that that was the lyric hook. So wrote the song, based on that.
―Don Dorsey, in an interview on the making of Reflections of Earth.[[src]]


With the stillness of the night,
There comes a time to understand,
To reach out and touch tomorrow,
Take the future in our hand,

We can see a new horizon,
Built on all that we have done,
And our dreams begin another,
Thousand circles 'round the sun,

We go on,
To the joy and through the tears,
We go on,
To discover new frontiers,
Moving on,
With the current of the years,

We go on,
Moving forward, now as one,
Moving on,
With a spirit born to run
Ever on,
With each rising sun,
To a new day,

We go on,

We go on!

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