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"We Swim Together" is a song from Finding Nemo: The Musical. It is sung by Nemo, Gill and the Tank Gang. The song is heard during Gill's escape plan and how to escape the dentist's fish tank. His plan is to break the filter and fill the tank with poop, which differs from his plan in the movie. Throughout the song, Gill starts singing and then the rest of the gang and Nemo join in while Bubbles constantly says, "Bubbles".

A reprise of the song is heard during end of the musical where Nemo and Marlin are planning to rescue Dory who was caught in a net along with a large school of fish to which the plan to get out of the fishing net was successful, freeing Dory and all of the fish caught in the net.


Gill: Nobody move. I've been watchin' you kid. You're small enough to break us free.
Nemo: But I don't swim well. I got a bad fin.
Gill: One bad fin has never stopped me.
Peach: Your escape plans never work, Gill.

Gill: But this time, we got him.
I promise we will all get out as long as we can swim.

We swim together
Cooperation is the secret to our success.
Bubbles: Bubbles?
Gill: We swim in harmony
Bloat: And we start at dentistry
Gill: We're the fish of Pablo Sherman, D.D.S.
This little guy is one of us now. And we can't send him off to death. Darla's coming in five days and he'll be long gone by then. We all will! If we do this the way we do everything else!

Gill: Together
Nemo and Tank Gang: We swim together
And together we'll get out of here as a group
Bloat: Oh I believe we can!
Nemo: Yeah, but what's the plan?
Gill: We're gonna jam the filter and fill this tank with poop!
Tank Gang: Huh?

Gill: When this kid jams the filter the tank will get filthy, and the dentist will have to clean it. He'll put us into individual bags and we'll roll out the window into the ocean!
Tank Gang: Oooh!
Bloat: The whole "poop" thing threw me.

All: Together
We swim together
Gill: Little clownfish you're our ticket to breaking free
All: And if we all join fins
Everybody wins
And we'll swim together
In the open sea!

Nemo! You get back here!

I know what to do!
We have to save Dory!

I have to think of you!

I know I can do this!
Dad, I have a plan!

You think that you can do these things but-
I know you can.

Tell everybody to swim down!
Swim down together

You heard my son!

We swim together

Just keep swimming
Just keep swimming....

We swim together
Swim together
Swim down!

That's my dad!
That's my son!

We swim together..

Dory, are you okay?
Yeah. Why wouldn't I be?

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