The Weather-Altering Laser is a giant laser that the evil Dr. Benedict and his minions used to shift the moon's orbit.


Dr. Benedict and his goons stole this laser from a U.S. Military Base in the Southwestern United States. They then did various tests on both the laser concept via a miniaturized version (one of which was witnessed by T.J. Detweiler) and on the device itself after installing the latter into Third Street Elementary School when it was out during the summer (the latter of which ended up being witnessed by both TJ and his friends, which also resulted in the latter party finally believing his claims about what was going on at the school after initially thinking he lied to get them back together). However, glitches occurred that caused the laser dish to malfunction and prematurely deactivate, the second time preventing the dish from being removed. Presumably, they managed to cancel out most, if not all of the bugs by the time Lunar Perogee took place.  When Prickly punches Benedict in the face, the latters slumps, but activates the laser with his reverse elbow. Vince barely stopped it by throwing TJ's old baseball at the reactor core, causing the laser to shake violently, then collapse to the floor, destroyed.


  • The weather-altering laser, due to it relying on traction pulls on a celestial body, was technically closer to a tractor beam than a true laser beam.
  • According to the military personnel that formerly owned the device, the weather-altering laser had a special code to erase the access code so it would prevent intruders from entering the military base, although it was not revealed in full due to Benedict's men including Kojak breaching the room before they had a chance to complete it. The only known characters in the code being x, y, and 4 in that order.


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