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This article is about the multi-part episode. For the fictional event, see Weirdmageddon (event).

"Weirdmageddon" is the 3-episode/4-part series finale to Gravity Falls. The first two episodes were broadcast individually on October 26 and November 23 of 2015, respectively. The last episode, which makes up the last 2 individual parts of the story arc, premiered as a one-hour special on February 15, 2016, and began airing as two individual half-hour episodes in March. A 2-hour "movie" version of the episodes put together premiered on Disney XD on February 29th.


Part 1: "Weirdmageddon Part 1"

Picking up right after the events of "Dipper and Mabel vs. the Future", the apocalypse begins, and Dipper and Wendy head out east in attempts of rescuing Mabel.

Part 2: "Escape from Reality"

Dipper, Wendy, and Soos find themselves in a fake reality fueled by Mabel's imagination, and need to convince her to leave the bubble before they get tricked in by its temptation.

Part 3: "Take Back the Falls"

Promo art by Dana Terrace

While Ford discovers Bill's true motives for his plans, Dipper, Mabel, Stan, and the rest of the resistance head out to stop Bill once and for all.

Part 4: "Somewhere in the Woods"

When Bill traps the resistance members and threatens to kill Dipper and Mabel, Stan and Ford are forced to come up with a new plan to defeat him, but they will have to make the ultimate sacrifice.


Part 1

Following the events of the previous episode, Bill Cipher starts his Weirdmageddon in Gravity Falls, Blendin Blandin sees Mabel's unconscious body floating. Bill transforms Ford into a statue and defeats Dipper.

Dipper goes to the mall, where he finds apocalyptic Wendy. The duo reunited and decide to leave, to find food, only to be confronted by Gideon and his criminal buddies. They realize that Mabel is in the giant ball. They are captured until Wendy breaks Ghost eyes arm and they all escape. Both escape on a police car, they have been hunted down. They have been bumped into several balls like: birds, animé, meat and real-life. Gideon and Ghost eyes have been bumped into balls, like: 8-bit pixels, Northwests and 1920s cartoons.

Wendy and Dipper have been made to the cliff, where they have successfully escaped, only to be crashed. They have survived, only injured. Dipper is surrounded by the shadowy figure, looks like Blendin, however to his and Wendy's joy, the shadow is actually Soos, he becomes the handyman of the apocalypse, they are surrounded by Gideon's goons, until Dipper reminds him of something of Mabel. Gideon, finally having a change of heart, decides to betray Bill, gives them a key to the giant ball as they leave to confront Bill. Dipper, Wendy and Soos enter the ball as the first part ends.

Part 2

Shortly before arriving at the ball, they found out it's beautiful, kids show and shiny. They enter the tower, where they find Mabel, who now becomes the mayor of the ball, Mabeland. Wendy and Soos like this place due to arriving of Wendy's friends and the appearance of Soos' father.

In the ball, Dipper laments of how this world is fantasy, he wants the reality, until it's been overheard by the others and they arrest Dipper and take him to the court.

The lawyers are Xyler and Craz, the same beautiful young men, who were seen at the Season 1 Finale. They show him all the problems of their childhood memories. Like:

  • Their photo day, Dipper is allergic as Mabel thinks that it's going to perfect, until her hair is ruined by the girl as she runs away crying.
  • Valentine's day, Dipper doesn't get his valentines as the class laugh at him. Upset and embarrassed, Dipper runs away crying.

After it's over, Dipper angrily tells them that it's all left in the past, he shows every photos every memories like fixing photos with shaving their hairs. Mabel gives his brother valentines. Dipper apologizes to his sister for leaving her so he can be Ford's apprentice and promises that he'll never leave her again. Realizing this, Mabel having a change of heart, decides to left the fantasy for reality. After she has no powers, her reign is over, the fantasy characters become furious, they transform into a demons as they chase them around. They ride at the giant Waddles, Mabel destroys the ball.

After arriving back to the real world, they see that the city is completely abandoned. They became saddened that Bill won and decide to use Mystery Shack as a hideout. When they arrived, they became relieved that the Mystery Shack is still standing as it supposes to be. But there is someone in there, they take items as a weapon, Dipper uses golf club, Wendy uses the crossbow, Soos uses his fists and Mabel uses her grappling hook. They enter the shack and roar furiously as the others do the same. We soon learn that it's all anomalies, people and Stan, surprising each other. The end credits show that Xyler and Craz have survived the blast and see that the world is apocalyptic and think it's real as the second part ends.

Part 3

After arriving to the mystery shack, they found Stan and every anomaly, people and also Candy Chiu and Grenda. They are reunited with the others. Stan explains to the quartet that the end of the world begins, but Mystery Shack is protected by unicorn's hair, that was placed around the shack by Dipper and Ford. Dipper explains that Bill captured Ford, however, the things have gone worse, since the Weirdmageddon taken over the people, Old Man McGucket arrives and knows the idea. They created the giant mystery shack robot, Stan is reluctant by the idea of saving his brother.

After arriving, they confronted the anomalies, while the others hold them off, twins, Soos, Wendy, Stan, Old Man McGucket, Pacifica and Sheriff Blubs arrive at Bill's lair, where they see the people transformed into statues of the throne. Gideon, who's trapped in the cage and have to dance as a punishment, due to betrayal. Gideon explains that Mayor Tyler is the head one, if they pull him out, the throne will collapse.

Dipper does so. He pulls the kindhearted mayor out of the throne, then the throne collapses as the people turned back into normal. All reunited with the others. Ford is turned back into normal and apologizes to his old friend, McGucket, ending their bitterness for 30 years. Ford sees Robbie's graffiti can and uses it to create the circle that could defeat Bill. There some symbols on them:

  • Pine tree is Dipper, due to his cap.
  • Comet is Mabel, due to her comet sweater.
  • Question mark is Soos, due to his t-shirt.
  • Ice is Wendy, because she is brave and cold-blooded to the villains.
  • The six fingers is obviously Ford.
  • The heart broken is Robbie, due to his black jacket.
  • Glasses is McGucket.
  • The lama is Pacifica, due to the sweater.
  • The telepathic star mark is Gideon.
  • The fish is Stan.

They take hands and it works while the people left. However, Stan is reluctant and rejects it, asking how will the circle stop Bill. The other nine persons are upset with Stan and angrily tell him to join them. Stan tries to convince them that Ford is the one, who pulled the Weirdmageddon in the first place. Stan wants Ford to say thank you, because he spent 30 years for trying to bring him back. Although annoyed by his twin's selfishness, Ford sarcastically says thank you, but he corrects Stan with grammar. Angered, Stan furiously hits Ford, both of them have a fight once again, Bill arrives.

Part 4

Bill transforms everyone, except young twins and old twins, into tapestries, captures two Stans and starts chasing around the twins. Stan feels guilty and becomes upset hearing that his nephew and niece are going to die because of him because he couldn't shake Ford's "stupid" hand and he feels that father was right that he is nothing but a big screw up. Both twins starting to sentimentally express of how much their brotherhood is broken. Meanwhile, it appears that Dipper and Mabel couldn't hold that much longer as Bill captured them in one grasp, he was about to giving them a finishing deathblow, but Stanford interferes as he lets Bill to come to his mind. Bill enters and finds Stan, revealing that he and Ford change clothes. Ford is reluctant to erase his own brother's memories, but he has to. Frightened, Bill is about to escape but his memories became engulfed in flames after Ford hits Stan with the memory eraser. Despite being offered anything in exchange for Bill's freedom, Stan destroys Bill with one punch.

After the death of Bill Cipher, Stan picks up the picture of him, Dipper and Mabel, seeing that he can't escape himself from his death as he was seen erased but he is happy that he was good for something after all after he saved the entire world by killing Bill once and for all. With this, Stan becomes engulfed into flames, apparently killing Stanley Pines.

Dipper and Mabel sadly look on as Stanford finishes erasing his brother's memories. Heartbroken by the seeming death of his brother, Stanford drops the erasing gun in despair. With Bill's death, the six people who were captured by Bill transformed from tapestries back to normal. While this is happening, Weirdmageddon ends and anomalies returned to their homeland, all what is now left is Bill's permanently petrified form. In the forest, Stanley is seen slowly waking up. The twins, Ford and Soos return to find Stan, who doesn't remember himself or them anymore, much to the sadness of everyone.

The family, Waddles and Soos return to the destroyed Mystery Shack, where Stan sits down on the couch and sees that his family (whom he forgot) and Soos glare distressingly and sadly at Stan as the latter asks what's wrong and asks who's the big guy crying in the corner, that's Soos, who cries. Dipper becomes saddened, although they saved the world, but what's the point, now Stan is lost forever. Out of desperation, Mabel tries to remain hope that there's got to be way to retrieve his memories. Despite Ford saying that there isn't and Stan is gone, Mabel made Stan to almost remember due to the album, Soos and Waddles. With all of these photos, Stan completely regains his memories, much to the joy to everyone.

After the Weirdmageddon, the town recovers as the others declare Dipper, Mabel and Stan heroes of Gravity Falls. The twins celebrate their 13th birthday party. Stan and Ford shut down the shack for good, due to their new adventures on finding new anomalies, only to be stooped by furious Soos. He tells them that they can't shut the shack, because it's having a dreams. Soos doesn't want them to break the dreams and his own dreams, as the town whimpers sadly. Stan apologizes to Soos, saying that there's no one to watch the shack now since they're leaving, much to Soos' sadness. The elderly twins make Soos new owner of the Mystery Shack.

The twins return home, saying goodbye to everyone they love and come with Waddles. With the twins depart, Dipper narrates that there is something to do with Gravity Falls. There's so much fun in there. Two Stans head off to the new adventures, Soos doing nice with the company, Dipper explains that Gravity Falls out there..."somewhere in the woods, waiting for you." as the episode ends and the series.

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  • Shortly after arriving in Mabeland, Soos comments, "What is this new world? Shining, shimmering, splendid." The last three words are lyrics from the song "A Whole New World" from Aladdin.
  • In the climax before Bill chases Mabel and Dipper, he steals Mickey Mouse's quote "See ya real soon!".
  • Dipper's trial is a reference to Alice's trial at the end of Alice in Wonderland.
  • In the two-hour movie version, besides the obvious exclusion of the opening sequence in the later parts as well as the credits scenes for parts 1 & 2, the shot where Multi-Bear comes out of the bathroom at the end of part 2 was cut to provide a better transition into the opening of part 3. Also, voice credits for characters who only appeared in the first two parts were added into the closing credits sequence, and immediately following the live-action shot of the Bill statue, all four parts' ending page sections are shown one right after the other.
  • When Dipper and Wendy drive through the Weirdness Bubbles, the scene briefly becomes live-action, where the two turn into their voice artists (Jason Ritter and Linda Cardellini).
  • The Bill statue seen after the credits led to a worldwide search, set up by Alex Hirsch, called "Cipher-Hunt". This search had fans look for clues in Japan, Russia and the United States before the statue was eventually found in Oregon, with a chest buried in front of it containing several items (including a copy of Journal 3, a crown and a sash for the Mayor of Gravity Falls, and a music box with Bill's eye that plays the "Gravity Falls Title Theme").
  • At the end of Part III when Bill is dying, if his words are reversed he says "A-X-O-L-O-T-L! My time has come to burn, I invoke the ancient power that I may return!" Stan has a pet Axolotl in the Mystery Shack, possibly meaning that it is Bill in disguise. Alternatively, it could've been him screaming and then saying "X-O-L-O-T-L". Xolotl is the god of twins in Aztec mythology.
  • Part 1 is the only episode of the series where Mabel appears but does not speak.
  • Part 4 Dipper and Mabel turns thirteen.


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