"Welcome to Camp Kikiwaka" is the first episode of BUNK'D. It aired in July 31, 2015.


The Ross kids leaves New York City to go to a camp in Maine where they're parents met each other and made some new friends.


Ravi, Emma, Zuri and Ravi's pet lizard Mrs. Kipling leaves New York City to go to a camp in main called Camp Kikiwaka while their brother Luke is at summer school. They meet the camp owner Gladys who met the Ross' parents when she was young and that she loved Morgan, but Christina stole him from her as well as title of best counselor and a happy life.

Zuri and Emma went in their cabin where they meet Tiffany who is studying for a spelling bee and Lou who is the head counselor of Woodchuck Cabin who also admires Christina Ross as well. Lou asked why Emma wants to be a counselor, but Emma said wanted to be in Milan for fashion work, but her mom told her it would be good for Emma. Ravi goes in his cabin with Mrs. Kipling, Grizzly where he meets the head counselor of the cabin, Xander and camper Jorge.

That night at the campfire, Emma and Xander started to fall in love with each other much to Gladys' niece, Hazel's jealousy. Gladys comes in and every does the Kikiwaka chant as Gladys reveals that the Kikiwaka is a legendary creature who roams the camp.

The next morning, all the campers are doing obstacle courses with Ravi not doing good and Woodchuck cabin falling behind. Hazel shoots an arrow near Emma. Later, while Emma is on a rope over a pit of mud, Hazel throws a dodgeball at her, causing Emma to lose her balance and fall face first into the mud with everyone laughing at her. But Xander doesn't laugh and comes in and helps out Emma, leaving Hazel very pissed.

After getting cleaned up, Emma was upset that she was embarrassed that she was laughed at and stated that she's the lamest CIT and that Hazel is never gonna let her close to Xander, but Lou said she's not the lamest CIT. Moments later, a paper airplane lands on Emma's bed and opens it saying that Xander want to meet Emma at the Spot. That night, Zuri comes along with Emma as she doesn't want to listen to Tiffany's attitude. She then trips on something and Emma helps her out. It was a giant footprint and they suddenly heard a loud growling and makes a run for.

Back at camp, somehow Xander is at the mess hall playing pool with Ravi and Jorge when Hazel walks in and flirts with Xander. When Lou drags Tiffany to play pool with her, she was confused to see Xander and that he was suppose to be at The Spot with Emma, but Xander stated that he never send Emma a note revealing that it was Hazel who sent Emma the note so she could die. They go into the wood and heard the growling as well and ran into Emma and Zuri. Emma and Xander were happy to see each other and hugged when Emma and Zuri learned Hazel said Emma the note. They all heard the growling and they all ran up a tree. Emma comes up with a plan to scare the Kikiwaka with Tiffany's violin, they're flashlight and Jorge's fart and it succeed. Lou praised Emma saying that her mom would be proud of her and they all head back to camp. When Jorge threw a pinecone and it hit the "Kikiwaka" who was actually Gladys who was scaring the kids.

The next night, Xander sings a song at the campfire and everyone enjoyed the night. Gladys scoffs that kids will believe anything, but everyone was unaware that the real Kikiwaka was watching them from the other side of the lake.


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