Wendy bronson

Wendy with her brother Skeeter.

 Wendy Bronson is a character in the 2008 Disney fantasy-comedy film Bedtime Stories. She is the daughter of Marty Bronson, the sister of Skeeter and the mother of Patrick and Bobbi. She is portrayed by Courteney Cox.


As kids, Wendy and Skeeter grew up and worked in their Father's motel; The Sunny Vista Motel. After it was sold to Barry Nottingham, It was unknown where Wendy went to live as Skeeter stayed at the Hotel. At some point in her young adult years, she met and married a guy and had two kids, Patrick and Bobbi. It was later reveal that she and him got a divorce. In the movie Wendy was shown to be that of a health nut as during Bobbi's birthday she only served Gluten-Free Wheat Cake and didn't like him bring fatty food. She refused to have Skeeter take the kids fishing or playing poker.

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