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== Trivia ==
== Trivia ==
This short contains stock footage from:
*This short contains stock footage from [[The Reluctant Dragon]]
* [[The Reluctant Dragon]]
[[Category:Educational films]]
[[Category:Educational films]]
[[Category:Language Arts Through Imagination]]
[[Category:Language Arts Through Imagination]]

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What Can You See by Looking? is an 1988 Epcot Educational Media short produced as part of the Language Arts Through Imagination series starring Figment from Journey into Imagination

Summary Edit

Figment needs Todd and Dhara to help him. He is on a treasure hunt, looking for the "Bookus Dragonius," which contains all of the world's wisdom. The book was hidden by his Uncle Max (The Reluctant Dragon) who loved word play, puzzles, and anagrams.

Together they find many clues left by Uncle Max: rhyming clues, anagrams, puzzles, books, brain-teasers, and a rebus are all part of this mystery. They solve these clues—and then finally figure it all out.

An invitation to children to take a closer look at, and to think about, what they see. Demonstrates the skills of critical thinking, observation, and rhyming.

Trivia Edit

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