When Life Gives You Lemons Title Card

When Life Gives You Lemons is the first Mickey episode of Where's My Mickey?


When Life Give You Lemons Intro

When Life Give You Lemon Ending

Level 1 to Level 20

Sorcerer Mickey KH3D


Level Name Introduces Collectible Found
Mickey 1-1 Dig Deep Water, Dirt N/A
Mickey 1-2 Rainy Day Clouds
Mickey 1-3 Down the Drain
Mickey 1-4 To the Cloud Exploding Beach Ball
Mickey 1-5 Switch it On Switches N/A
Mickey 1-6 Look Both Ways Head Trapping Bucket
Mickey 1-7 Jump for Joy N/A
Mickey 1-8 Catch a Ride
Mickey 1-9 Release the Wind
Mickey 1-10 Go With the Flow Daisy's "Sunglasses"
Mickey 1-11 Blow it Up N/A
Mickey 1-12 Switching Clouds
Mickey 1-13 It'sĶ Clouded in Here Bucket of Flavor
Mickey 1-14 Clear the Skies N/A
Mickey 1-15 Closing in Fast Squeakless Toy
Mickey 1-16 Sky Dive N/A
Mickey 1-17 Wind Tunnels Flowing Fetch Stick
Mickey 1-18 Liftoff N/A
Mickey 1-19 Windy Path
Mickey 1-20 Hold it Right There!
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