Where's My Water?: Swampy's Underground Adventures is a web series on On October 5, 2012 the series airs on Disney Channel. It is based on the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad app game. Featuring all the Where's My Water character with Swampy wanting to be clean and green while living in the sewer. In every episode the plot is Swampy being the hero, a Swampy vs. Cranky episode, or Swampy hanging out with his friends. It is preceded by Talking Friends.


Main Characters

  • Swampy is an alligator who lives in the sewers, but unlike the other alligators, he enjoys taking baths. The other alligators like to tamper with his plumbing. He has a crush on Allie, and tries to impress her. Swampy is voiced by Justin T. Bowler, who also provided Swampy's voice in the game.
  • Cranky is the alpha male and the leader of the alligators. He dislikes humans and as a result, he dislikes Swampy's human-like bathing. In the television series, he is also interested in Allie. Cranky is also voiced by Justin T. Bowler
  • Allie is a female alligator who perceives Swampy as quirky, but charming and sweet. Swampy and Cranky regularly show affection for her, Allie is voiced by Rebecca Metz.

Recurring Characters

  • Karl is a clueless alligator who is friends with Swampy, Cranky, and Allie. He usually does a lot of dumb actions throughout each episode and appears to have a big appetite, as he is usually seen eating many things in the show.
  • Pushy and Shovey are an alligator duo who have a personal hatred for each other and they tend to fight each other and misbehave, they occasionally act as Cranky's minions.
  • Rubber Duck, also known as Duckie, is Swampy's favorite bath toy. He makes a quacking sound when squeezed and appears many times throughout the show. Swampy takes him through most of his adventures, and he is usually loyal to him.

In addition to voicing Swampy and Cranky, Bowler also provided the voices of the other male alligators like Karl, Pushy and Shovey in the show.


The series was originally going to be a series of shorts on TV, but was changed to a web series. Production started in March 2012 and the first promo was shown on in July 2012. A trailer was published on August 30.


The first episode aired on August 31, 2012 and officially aired on October 5, 2012. It was shown on Disney Channel with Lego's "Friends Of Heartlake City" on October 12. A press release announced the premiere of the series on and YouTube on October 18, 2012.


Seasons Episodes First airdate Last airdate
1 12 October 18, 2012 January 17, 2013

Season 1: 2012-2013

The episodes were published on, then posted to YouTube and made public on Fridays in 2012 and Thursdays in 2013. They were later broadcast on the Disney Channel in between other shows.

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