Where is Warehouse Mouse? is a series of 3-minute shorts based around the show Imagination Movers. The series focuses on the character Warehouse Mouse during his daily life.

Theme Song

Where is Warehouse Mouse?
Where is Warehouse Mouse?
He's there, it's Warehouse Mouse
He goes zoom, zoom, a-zoom, a-zoom, zoom!

Where is Warehouse Mouse?
Where is Warehouse Mouse?
He's there, it's Warehouse Mouse
He goes zoom, zoom, a-zoom, a-zoom, zoom!


Episode number Title Synopsis Date aired
1 "Clock Shock" Warehouse Mouse prepares to go to sleep, when his cuckoo clock wakes him up and he cannot stop it from cuckooing. He then later decides to sleep with earmuffs on. August 24, 2009
2 "Hammock Time" Warehouse Mouse tries to read a book, but keeps falling off his hammock. He finally decides to untie the hammock and spreads it out on the floor. August 31, 2009
3 "Going Bananas" Warehouse Mouse tries to get the peel off of a banana. When he jumps on it, the banana pops out of its peel, bounces off the wall, goes through a fan where it is cut to slices, and then lands in a bowl. September 7, 2009
4 "Fly Away" A fly lands on Warehouse Mouse's strawberry and he tries to get rid of it. He then decides to eat the strawberry inside a net which he tried to catch the fly with. September 14, 2009
5 "Balloon" Warehouse Mouse trips over Rich's drumsticks and his helium balloon gets stuck up high in the warehouse. He finally builds a catapult to launch himself high enough to reach it, and then rides the balloon down to safety. September 21, 2009
6 "Big Cheese" Warehouse Mouse gets a giant piece of cheese off Nina, but he cannot move it into his mouse hole. He tries about everything he can to get it in and finally decides to eat it outside of his mouse hole. September 28, 2009
7 "Can Can't" Warehouse Mouse tries to get an empty apple juice can into a high-up recycling bin. He gets it in by tipping the bin over and putting it back up, but when he gets another can he needs to tip the bin over again. January 11, 2010
8 "Stuck on Me" While wrapping Smitty's birthday present, Warehouse Mouse gets a ribbon stuck on his tail. While trying to get it off, he ends up tying it into a perfect knot and sticks it on the present. January 18, 2010
9 "Picture Problem" Warehouse Mouse has a problem hanging Smitty's picture, since it keeps swinging to an angle. He then decides to make all the pictures the same angle as Smitty's picture. January 25, 2010
10 "No Space Case" Warehouse Mouse is packing his suitcase for his holiday. He cannot close the suitcase and later decides to have his holiday at home. February 2, 2010
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