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"Wherever the Trail May Lead" is the first song heard during the end credits of Disney's Home on the Range. It is a love song performed by Tim McGraw.


Come with me, and let's go wander
Far beyond the wild blue yonder
Out where stars roam free
Though the journey's far from breezy
Stick with me, I'll make it easy
You can depend on me

Yeah, there's a long road before us
And it's a hard road, indeed
But darlin', I swear
I'll get us there
Wherever the trail may lead

Once we cross that far horizon
Life is bound to be surprisin'
But we'll take it day by day
Never mind the wind and weather
If we walk that trail together
Somehow we'll find our way

Yeah, there's a long road before us
And it's a hard road, indeed
Bur darlin', I vow
We'll get through somehow
Wherever the trail may lead

Can't tell you when we'll be there
It may take all our lives
We're headin' for that great unknown
We'll soon be walkin' free there
But 'til that day arrives
At least we won't be travellin' alone

And there's a long road before us
And it's a hard road, indeed
But darlin, don't fear
'Cause I'll be right here
To give you the strength you need
And through the whole ride
I'll be by your side
Wherever the trail may lead


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