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Whistle Stop is the opening song in the 1973 animated Disney film, Robin Hood. The song itself has no actual lyrics other than whistles and scats.


It is heard when Alan-A-Dale tells the viewers that the animals have their own version of their own story. The score plays throughout the opening of the film where viewers see the names of the characters voiced by credited voice actors, followed by a group of marching archers and other additional characters. The music's tempo increases during the part where Alan-a-Dale appears again, followed by several characters chased by Rhino Guards and Wolf Arrowmen firing their arrows at the citizens of Sherwood Forest. The tempo stops when Captain Crocodile prepares to strike his enemies with his axe but misses. It resumes in a normal tune where Alan-A-Dale sits on the letter "O" of "Once upon a time" where the score ends, followed by the scene transitioning to the musical number, "Oo-De-Lally".


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