Whitewater Duck is a character from the Donald Duck comics. He was created by Disney Legend Carl Barks, who used him only in the comic story Log Jockey, first published in Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #267 in December, 1962. Here, he was introduced a distant cousin of Donald Duck and Huey, Dewey, and Louie, and works as a lumberjack in the woods. When he injures his foot shortly before a competition with rival lumberjack Pierre, he uses Donald, who happens to be visiting his relative, as a substitute lumberjack to compete with his rival. On Volker Reiche's Donald Duck family tree (first printed in 1990), Whitewater appeared as Donald's third cousin and the brother of Fethry Duck.

On Don Rosa's Duck Family Tree (1993), Whitewater's real name is stated to be Abner Duck, with "Whitewater" as a nickname. The tree also lists Whitewater as a son of Donald's uncle Eider Duck and Lulubelle Loon and (just like on Reiche's tree) the brother of Fethry Duck. However, this contradicts Barks's original story, where Whitewater was said to be a distant relation to Donald, rather than a first cousin.

In his second comic appearance, Smarter Than The Toughies (published in the USA in Uncle Scrooge #349) written by Lars Jensen and drawn by Daniel Branca, Donald and his uncle Scrooge McDuck compete with Whitewater and Douglas McDuck in a sourdough contest in Dawson. Whitewater is here shown to be the nephew of Scrooge's cousin Douglas, making him Donald's second cousin.

In his third appearance in a comic story, Too Many Donalds (as of yet unpublished in the USA) written by Lars Jensen and drawn by Carlos Mota, Whitewater was shown to be in a relationship with Donald's old love Donna Duck. In this story, Donald introduces Whitewater to Daisy as his distant cousin.


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