"Who Killed Cock Robin?" is a song sung by Jenny Wren and the jury of Cock Robin's trial in the Silly Symphony Who Killed Cock Robin?. It was Jenny Wren's singing debut.


Jenny Wren:
 Mmm. Hello, boys.

 Hi, Jenny!

Judge Owl:
 Who are you?

Jenny Wren:
 Hello, judgy, I'm Jenny Wren, I wanna see justice done.

Somebody rubbed out my robin

Somebody sure did him wrong, sure.

Well, they sneaked up behind him

And they shot him.

Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk.

Right at the end of his song


How am I doin', boys?

Jury: Ohhhhhh!

Jenny: He was a wonderful egg, judge

He was so handsome, you know, and so young.

All these boys look guilty to me, judgy wudgy-pudgy

Somebody oughta be hung!

Jury: Somebody oughta be hung!

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