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"Who Said" is a pop song by American recording artist and actress Miley Cyrus. She is performing as Hannah Montana – the alter ego of Miley Stewart, a character she plays on the Disney Channel television series Hannah Montana. The song was written by Matthew Gerrard, Robbie Nevil, and Jay Landers and produced by Gerrard. It was released on July 11, 2006 by Walt Disney Records as a promotional single from the series' first soundtrack, Hannah Montana. "Who Said" bears teen pop aspects musically, while its lyrics are about individualism.

In the United States, the song peaked at number eighty-three on the Billboard Hot 100 and within the top seventy on the Pop 100. Its appearance on the Billboard Hot 100 made Cyrus the first act to have seven songs appear on the chart in the same week. A music video for "Who Said" was released, taken from footage of a concert performance.

The song has been featured in the season 1 episodes O Say, Can You Remember the Words?, Good Golly, Miss Dolly, Money for Nothing, Guilt for Free, and Bad Moose Rising.

Background and composition

"Who Said" was composed by Matthew Gerrard with the aid of Robbie Nevil and Jay Landers. Gerrard co-wrote a total of six songs on Hannah Montana while Nevil co-wrote four and Landers two. A karaoke version appears on Disney's Karaoke Series: Hannah Montana (2007), while a remixed version appears on Hannah Montana: Hits Remixed (2008). The song first premiered on Radio Disney on March 10, 2006 in order to promote the series and was afterward released as a promotional single from Hannah Montana on July 11, 2006 to digital retailers.

"Who Said" is pop song with a length of three minutes and fifteen seconds. The song incorporates various teen pop styles within its music, according to Allmusic. The song is set in common time and has a moderate tempo of 120 beats per minute. It is written in the key of E major and Cyrus' vocals span two octaves, from B3 to C♯5. "Who Said" follows the chord progression of E–A. Chris William of Entertainment Weekly perceived the lyrics of "Who Said" pertained to individualism, noting the lines "I'm individual / I'm not like anyone".


Critical reception

Chris William of Entertainment Weekly described "Who Said"'s style as a simultaneous mimic of the styles of Avril Lavigne, Ashlee Simpson, and Britney Spears, which he felt contracted its lyrical theme.

Chart performance

As it was not released as a single, "Who Said" received exclusive airplay on Radio Disney, thus its chart appearances consisted mainly of digital downloads. On the week ending August 5, 2006, the song debuted at number ninety-two on the Billboard Hot 100; succeeding the appearance, the song dropped from the chart. Following the release of the Hannah Montana soundtrack, the song entered Billboard's Hot Digital Songs Chart at number forty-four, which led to a reappearance on the Billboard Hot 100 on the week ending November 11, 2006. "Who Said" re-entered the Billboard Hot 100 at its peak of eighty-three, thus becoming one of the songs to make Cyrus the female act with the most songs charting in the same week. The record was later duplicated by Taylor Swift. The song also peaked at number sixty-three on the now-defunct Pop 100 Chart. "Who Said" peaked at number sixty-five on the Hot Canadian Digital Singles chart.

Live performances

Cyrus, costumed as Montana, first performed "Who Said", along with six other songs, at the concert taping for the first season of Hannah Montana. In the performance, Cyrus dressed in a white tank top embroidered with a rhinestone cross, blue jeans with a loose, black miniskirt on top of it, black leather boots, and silver leather jacket. It began with Cyrus entering from behind a huge, illuminated sign that spelled "Hannah Montana". She then roamed throughout the stage singing the number. The performance was later released as the song's music video on April 10, 2006 on Disney Channel. Cyrus also performed the song on twenty dates in the fall of 2006, when she opened for the Cheetah Girls' 2006 and 2007 concert tour The Party's Just Begun Tour.

Track listings

  • U.S. Digital Download
  1. "Who Said" (Radio Edit) – 3:17
  • U.S. iTunes Digital Download
  1. "Who Said" (Radio Edit) – 3:17
  2. "Radio Disney Interview" – 1:25


Chart (2006) Peak
Hot Canadian Digital Singles 65
U.S. Billboard Hot 100 83
U.S. Pop 100 63


I'm more than just your average girl
I like to turn me up and show the world (Oh yeah!)
'Cause some can talk the talk
But this girl just wants to rock (rock)
I'm individual
I'm not like anyone

I can be glamorous
Just like you see in all the magazines
I can be cool as ice
Or anything I want to be...(Yeah!)

Who said, who said
I can't be Superman
I say, I say
that I know I can
Who said, who said
I won't be President
I say, I say
you ain't seen nothin' yet (Oh yeah, yeah!)

Go on and make some noise
Every girl has her choice
To lead her own parade
I do it my own way (Woow!)

I can be soft and sweet
Or louder than the radio
I can be sophisticated
Or totally go...(totally go, totally go!)
outta control... (outta control) (Yeah!)

Who said, who said I can't be Superman
I say, I say
that I know I can
Who said, who said
I'm not electified
I say, I say

There's no holdin' back
Stayin' right on track
Cause you control the game
So let'em know your name
No limitations on imagination
Imagine that (Yeah!)


Who said, who said
I can't be worldwide
I say, I say
time is on my side

Who said, who said
i can't be ten feet tall
I say, I say that
i can have it all

Who said, who said
I can't be Superman
I say, I say
that I know I can
Who said, who said
i won't be President
I say, I say
you ain't seen nothin' yet you ain't seen nothing yet (Woow, yeah!)

Who said (come on , yeah!)
That's right!

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