Wilderness Explorers is an Animal Kingdom theme park attraction. 


The Wilderness Explorers game was created as an expansion and replacement to a previous kids activity experience at the park known as the Kids Discovery Club. Taking place across six stations around the park, the Kids Discovery Club was hosted by Timon and Pumbaa from The Lion King.

The retheme to the Wilderness Explorers from Up! took place in 2013, shortly after a similar experience debuted at Disney California Adventure's Redwood Creek Challenge Trail. With a full park to explore however, the Animal Kingdom version of the Wilderness Explorers game would be far more extensive.

The arrival of the Wilderness Explorers to Animal Kingdom would also be accompanied by a meet and greet with Russell and Dug on Discovery Island and in 2018, a retheme of Flights of Wonder into Up! A Great Bird Adventure.


Wilderness Explorers takes the form of a scavenger hunt series of activities to earn Merit Badges all over the park. Wilderness Explorers Guidebooks can be picked up at the Wilderness Explorers Headquarters on Discovery Island or at different Wilderness Explorers Stops all around the park.

Each land at Animal Kingdom has a number of badges to earn, totaling over 30. Some of these badges require riding an attraction and reporting back to a Troop Leader or Badge Guide. The rank of Senior Wilderness Explorer is earned by collecting all of the badges.

  • Discovery Island
    • Wilderness Explorer Call Badge
    • Flamingo Badge
    • Animal Find Badge
    • Insect Badge
  • Africa
    • Music Badge
    • Safari Badge
    • African Culture Badge
    • Ham Radio Badge
    • Hiking Badge
    • Birding Badge
    • Tracking Badge
    • Gorilla Badge
  • Rafiki's Planet Watch
    • Habitat Badge
    • Conservation Badge
    • Animal Nutrition Badge
    • Vetrinary Badge
    • Recycling Badge
    • Hand Washing Badge
  • Asia
    • Asian Culture Badge
    • Forestry Badge
    • Animal Call Badge
    • Explorer Badge
    • Bat Badge
    • Tiger Badge
    • Currency Badge
    • Telescope Badge
    • Mt. Everest Badge
    • Yeti Badge
  • DinoLand U.S.A.
    • Fossil Badge
    • Dinosaur Badge
    • Signalling Badge
  • Pandora: The World of Avatar
    • Botany Badge
    • Ecology Badge

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