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Wilkins is a character from the 2016 Disney live-action film, Alice Through the Looking Glass. He is a diminutive, metal-mustached Second who works at Time's Castle, trying to keep the universe in balance by checking on the Grand Clock of All Time, especially whenever time starts acting strangely as well as leading an army of clocklike robots known as "Seconds".


During his duty in protecting the Grand Clock of All Time, Wilkins leads his fellow wind-up robot helpers called "Seconds" into protecting Time's castle from further damage. In spite of this, he uses a manual to follow instructions on how to fix the clock whenever something disastrous happens, such as the theft of the Chronosphere. Later when the Grand Clock of All Time is in serious danger, Wilkins creates a strategy to help keep the Grand Clock from shattering by summoning a group of Seconds and Minutes together to form the Hour, a monstrous golem-like being formed by the Seconds and Minutes themselves to keep the Grand Clock from shattering. Fortunately, Alice manages to return the Chronosphere to its usual spot to undo the disaster caused by the Red Queen in the present Underland timeline.


Alice Through the Looking Glass[]

Wilkins approaches Time who is showing Alice the Grand Clock of All Time, commanding the other Seconds to stop. Time asks him about how the machine is going, to which Wilkins is unsure about this. Later during a private conversation between Alice and Time about traveling back in time to save Tarrant Hightopp and borrowing the Chronosphere, Time sends Wilkins to escort her out, just as Time explains that Alice cannot change the past, but can learn something from it. As Wilkins sends Alice out, he and an army of Seconds approach the Red Queen only for her to seek Time. Alice walks alone into the chamber of pendulums where the Chronosphere is housed at while Wilkins, Time, and the Seconds keep themselves busy in taking care of the Red Queen.

When Alice grabs the Chronosphere from the Grand Clock of All Time, Wilkins and his master notice this to know what Alice did. Wilkins later arrives at the Chronosphere chamber where he, Time, and the Red Queen notice Alice escaping via Chronosphere in worry, which later vanishes. Wilkins suddenly notices what Alice did to the Chronosphere in escape, causing damage to Time, explaining to Wilkins that without the Chronosphere, the Grand Clock will break down, Time will stop, and all of Underland will perish. Time summons Wilkins to take care of the Grand Clock before Underland perishes while he plans to stop Alice from altering the past, the present, and the future.

Later as the Grand Clock is shattering, Wilkins summons his army of Seconds to fix the clock before everything else in Underland perishes. Later when Alice travels to the past Fell Day event, Wilkins scurries in panic while noticing the catastrophe Alice did while an oil can Second puts oil on the Grand Clock in order to slow down the catastrophe while looking for the manual.

Later as a time lapse across Underland starts becoming disastrous, Wilkins reads a manual of how to keep the Grand Clock going to which while reading, Wilkins summons an army of Seconds and Minutes to prepare for the Hour. As the Seconds and Minutes form a monstrous golem-like being known as the Hour, the being tries to stop the lapse from becoming disastrous across Underland.

As the time rust starts spreading across the past, the present, and the future events, Wilkins becomes shocked, noting that only the Chronosphere put back in its original place can save the universe just as the time rust continues engulfing everything. Later when Alice travels back to Time's castle to restore the universe by putting the Chronosphere back in place, Wilkins notices that Alice has it as he reacts in joy and while noticing the time rust behind him, he approaches Time and alerts his master that Alice has the Chronosphere. Wilkins, however, turns into rust, alongside everyone else in Underland.

With Underland restored, Wilkins is restored back to life along with everyone in Underland. Time stares at Wilkins ordering him to get back to work. During the credits on the sequence where the characters are shown in 2D animation, Wilkins offers the oilcan Second to get some oil to his teacup to replenish him to which after missing, he sprays oil into his mouth to replenish him.

Other appearances[]

Disney Crossy Road[]

Wilkins is an unlockable secret character in the discontinued video game. The player must collect 50 Roman numerals when playing as Time in the Alice Through the Looking Glass world to unlock him.



  • Coincidentally, Wilkins' voice actor, Matt Vogel, previously played multiple Muppet characters in Abby in Wonderland, which is also an adaptation of Lewis Carroll's story.
  • Wilkins was created exclusively for the 2016 film adaptation of Alice Through the Looking Glass and does not appear in Lewis Carroll's original works.
  • Wilkins is the only Second who speaks; the only word the other Seconds say is "Tick".

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