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Willamina Hucklebuckle (Will for short) is the deuteragonist of Disney's 2010 film The Search for Santa Paws.


Will is the oldest girl of the orphans and Quinn's older sister. She really doesn't believe in Christmas, like Quinn, but she is mistreated by Ms. Stout. That is why when Quinn first comes to the orphanage, Will has to show her around. Will is kind, sisterly and friendly to her little sister, Quinn, but she sounds a bit feisty when Quinn tries to get her to believe in Santa. She is always mistreated by Ms. Stout, because she is the oldest orphan.

Role in the film

Will is first seen at the window of Hucklebuckle Toys, looking at a red bicycle in it, hoping to get it for Christmas. Kate Hucklebuckle sees her and waves, but Will runs back to the orphanage. When she climbs through the bedroom window, Ms. Stout irritably pulls her hair to get her attention, and takes her downstairs to introduce Quinn to her, telling her what to do to help Quinn settle into her new home. She leaves them to get to know each other. Will takes Quinn into the living room where the other orphans are doing their chores and introduces them to Quinn. She tells Quinn that she will get adopted and takes her to their bedroom and leaves her to get settled in.

Later in the film, Will sees Quinn standing on the alley balcony and tells her to get inside before Ms. Stout comes in. Quinn shows Will her angel that her mom gave her and is told not to let Ms. Stout see it, as though she might take it away, because she forbids any toys or decorations as they would clash with her personality. Ms Stout comes in, sees Janie's doll and snatches it from her. When she departs, Will comforts Janie, but she says her doll is going into the furnace, where Ms. Stout burns anything that the girls love.

In the middle of the night, Quinn wakes Will, because she is worried about the furnace and that Ms. Stout might put Janie and the orphans in their if they didn't behave. Will tells her she won't, and goes back to sleep. The next day, Will and Quinn go to Hucklebuckle Toys, but when Quinn spots Santa Claus in the shop, Will tells her that he isn't real. After Quinn goes to see him, Will tells Quinn that Santa isn't real on the way home. But when they get back, Ms. Stout tells them off and grabs them indoors. Ms. Stout sends Will to the basement to leave her for the night and tells Quinn that if she doesn't follow the rules, she will stay in the basement with Will.

Later on in the film, Will finds Quinn and Paws in the laundry room and shushes Paws whenever he barks. That night, Quinn, Will and the orphans have Paws in their room. Paws barks again, but Will shushes him. The orphans then sing about believing in Christmas, which helps Will along. Ms. Stout storms in, finds Paws in the room and furiously sends Will back down to the basement. She takes Paws down to the basement and puts him with Will and leaves Will feeling devastated and guilty. Paws comforts her and encourages her to believe in Christmas.

The next morning, Will wakes up with a fright when Paws turns into a toy. Ms. Stout and Franklin (the pound man) come downstairs and see Paws as a toy. Without warning, Ms. Stout changes her mind about the pound, snatches Paws from Will and throws him into the furnace. Later, Quinn goes into the furnace to save Paws, but gets into trouble rolling her way to the fire. Will, Eli, Eddy the Elf Dog and the orphans come to save her, and Will stops the furnace and ushers Quinn and Paws out. When Santa Claus becomes sick from amnesia, Quinn, Paws, Will, Kate and James Hucklebuckle rush to the hospital to be there for him. When the doctor tells them that he may not make it, the whole family becomes devastated, but Paws volunteers to look after Santa.

When Ms. Stout is fired from her job because of the mistreatment she has influenced on the girls by Ms. Gibson, Will and Quinn are adopted by the Hucklebuckles. That night, in their new home, they wake up to see Santa Claus and Paws. Paws gives Quinn's Christmas angel back to her, and she and Kate hang it up on the Christmas tree, and the whole family wave goodbye to Santa Claus and Paws. The next day, when the agent comes to Hucklebuckle Toys, Kate and James introduce Quinn and Will to him, and the whole family lives happily ever after.

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