Winnie from Fish Flakes
Winnie Grouper is a orange-haired cheerleader at Freshwater High in the show Fish Hooks. Winnie credited as "Girl in crowd" in "Milo's Big Idea" and she credited as "Cheerleader" in "Fish Talent Show". Later, Her name revealed in the opening credits of "Fish Lips Sink Ships". She is voiced by Chelsea Kane in "Oscar Makes an Impression" but usually, Kari Wahlgren voices her.

Personal life

Winnie was one of Randy's customers when he produced his version of the Fridge Hat. She bought a "Better Fridge Hat", and when the "Better Fridge Hat Minis" were introduced, she was very excited. She took off the Better Fridge Hat, but one of the consequences of leaving it on too long was that the hair stuck to the bottom of it. Winnie screamed when she realized her hair was stuck to the Fridge Hat. She bought an Emergency Rainbow Afro of Love to cover her bald head ("Milo's Big Idea"). She was dressed up as a peasant for the play ("Fish School Musical"). When the feud between Clamantha and Shellsea started, Winnie paid for a "Team Clamantha" shirt ("Fish Talent Show"). When the news about Mr. Baldwin's crush on Ms. Lips circulated, Winnie told her friends that she heard that Baldwin had been obsessed with Ms. Lips since 1986 ("Fish Lips Sink Ships"). She attended an emergency meeting with Tabitha to discuss who would be on that year's Freshwater Catch of the Month Dude Edition Calendar ("Fish Flakes").

Appearance look

Winnie is a yellow goldfish with orange fish lips, orange hair and a Freshwater High Cheerleader uniform.

Background information

  • Winnie was only 16 years old, but in 2012, she's now 17.
  • She was voiced by Kari Wahlgren in her high-pitched voice, but when she's voiced by Chelsea Kane, her voice is different.


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