Wise Grandma Duck is Volume 10 of the Walt Disney Fun-to-Read Library. It is an adaptation of the story The Wise Little Hen with Grandma Duck in the role of the hen.


Donald and his nephews go on vacation to Grandma Duck's farm. Once they arrive there, Grandma tells them that her farmhand has gone and she has no one around to do the chores, so Huey, Dewey, and Louie volunteer for the job. Donald, however, is not at all keen on the idea of doing farm work during his vacation, so the next morning, while the boys get ready to paint the chicken house, he pretends that his back is hurting and then "recovers" when it's dinnertime. The next day, he pretends to have a stomachache while his nephews work on cleaning the barn. The next day, he fakes having a broken arm while his nephews work on stacking the firewood. Later that day, the boys go fishing, and Donald goes with them, while trying to keep up his charade, during which Grandma becomes suspicious.

The next day, Huey, Dewey and Louie go to pick apples, with Donald still pretending his arm hurts, though later, Grandma sees him catching an apple with his "sore" arm when she brings them a tray of cookies. After eating the cookies, they all take turns sliding down the hill using the cookie tray. When Grandma tells them they have pick the corn and the pumpkins tomorrow, Donald slides down the hill one last time and fakes an injury to his head so that he has an excuse to not work tomorrow.

After the nephews finish picking the corn and pumpkins, Grandma announces that she's going to make a big dinner for them all tomorrow evening, during which Donald "recovers" from his "headache". The next day, at dinnertime, Huey, Dewey and Louie all get big plates of food, but Donald gets a plate full of medicine.

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