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To a young witch from her proud mentor EDA
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The Witch's Wool Cape is a magic cloak owned by Luz in the Disney Channel animated series, The Owl House. Made from Witch's Wool, it is capable of repelling powerful spells.


Eda originally intended to make the cloak for herself to protect herself against the Emperor's Coven. But instead decided to make it as a gift to Luz. After Eda was captured by the Emperor in "Young Blood, Old Souls", Luz wore the cloak in her attempt to rescue Eda. In "Echoes of the Past", Luz wore the cloak as she, Lilith, Hooty, and King are headed to the island where King's real castle is. In "Hunting Palismen", Luz wore the cloak in pajamas as she took Li'l Rascal back to the palisman pen until they were captured by the Golden Guard as he had been caught by a hand dragon belonged to Kikimora that she's attempting to assassinate the Golden Guard and travel to the city of Latissa. In "Yesterday's Lie", she wears the cloak to go through the portal to tell her mother in the Human Realm.



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