"With a Flair" is a song sung by Professor Emelius Brown (David Tomlinson) to satisfy his customers in Bedknobs and Broomsticks which was written by the Sherman Brothers but removed in the US release.


Oh, it really doesn’t matter what I do, what I do
As long as I do it with a flair
What effect a little smoke is with a dash of hocus pocus
And the scent of burning sulfur in the air

I’m a fraud, a hoke, a charlatan, a joke,
But they love me...everywhere.
For it really doesn’t matter what I do, what I do
As long as I do it with a flair

And it really doesn’t matter what I say, what I say
As long as I say it with a flair!
First I rattle off a ready stock of gibberish and poppycock
and fix you with my best hypnotic stare.
With my moans and groans and soporific tones they have cheered me everywhere!

For, it really doesn’t matter what I say, what I say
I said it when I tell it with a seamless selabin
The magician’s nursery rhyme
Abracadabra! You succumb to it, every time!
Wave a stick, and each trick, will mystify and disarm.
In fact, to coin a fitting phrase, it works, like a charm!

So, it really doesn’t matter what I brew, what I brew
As long as I brew it with a flair.
Though I’ve never cast a magic spell
I make the motions very well
My showmanship is far beyond compare.

I’m a rogue, a rake, a mountebank, a fake,
But I do whate’er I dare.
For, it really doesn’t matter what I do, what I do…
You buy my charms and poxes ‘cause they come in fancy boxes!
To improve your ugly daughter, I’ve a vial of colored water!
And my magic incantations can be framed as decorations,
Though there’s really nothing to it, and of course, you all see through it,
You love me cause I do it, with a flair!

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