Without You is a song from the Make Mine Music segment of the same name. As the segment is billed as a "Ballad of Blue", the song is played throughout the segment in a melancholy melody throughout the short as it plays throughout a nighttime landscape.

The song is based on the tune of "Tres Palabras" (Three Words), with the lyrics originally written in Spanish by Osvaldo Farrés, with English lyrics written by Ray Gilbert and is sung by the late Andy Russell.


I'm so lonely and blue
When I'm without you
I don't know what I'd do,
Sweetheart, without you

The joy and tears that love endears
Would have no meaning
If I didn't have you
To keep me dreaming

At the close of each day,
When I'm without you,
And my heart kneels to pray,
I pray about you

You take a star
And lead it far away from heaven,
And the star will be lost
As I'm lost without you

(instrumental break then repeat verse above)

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