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Wilden's Wizard Staff is a magical object featured in the 2020 Disney/Pixar animated feature film, Onward. It is a wizard staff (hence its name) which Wilden Lightfoot posthumously left behind as a gift to his sons, Barley and Ian Lightfoot, with instructions to their mother and his wife, Laurel Lightfoot that she was to give it to them when they were both over sixteen.


Prior to his death, Wilden Lightfoot watched over the land of mythical creatures as a wizard using his wizard staff to bring magic across the land. Afterwards, time slowly passed and magic becomes extremely uncommon across the modern society with rising technology. Wilden suddenly died from a severe illness and was given to Laurel who would keep his staff in order to keep his legacy alive.

Role in the film

On the day where Ian's sixteenth birthday occurs, Laurel, hoping to cheer Ian up, brings up the gift from his dad and brings it down from the attic. Along with the staff was a message from Wilden, as well as a "Visitation Spell" and a Phoenix Gem. Wilden wrote the spell with the hopes that his sons would cast it, allowing him to come back to life for one day so he could meet his sons.

Barley tries in vain to cast the spell, but it doesn't work, depressing his family. However, when Ian halfheartedly chants the spell, the staff and gem react to him and the spell begins to bring Wilden back to life. However, Ian is unable to keep the staff focused and Barley tries to help, interrupting the spell... and resulting in only Wilden's legs and waist being brought back since the Phoenix Gem shatters from being exhausted.

The brothers resolve to find a new Phoenix Gem to complete the spell before the next sunset, when the spell will end, in order to fully bring their father back and meet him.

Since Ian is the one who invoked the magic, Barley excitedly encourages his brother to practice some spells in order to get some extra practice in wielding magic.

Spells cast

  • Visitation spell - Brings back the spirit of a dead relative for 24 hours (requires Phoenix Gem). Incantation: Only once is all we get, grant me this rebirth. Till tomorrow's sun has set, one day to walk the Earth!
  • Levitation spell - Makes objects float. Incantation: Aloft Elevar
  • Growth spell - Makes an object bigger. Incantation: Magnora Gantuan
  • Disguise spell - Disguises staff wielder's physical appearance and voice; the spell is active as long as the caster tells the truth.
  • Trust Bridge spell - Creates an invisible bridge to walk on. Incantation: Bridgrigar Invisia
  • Velocity spell - Makes objects travel faster. Incantation: Accelior
  • Firework Lightning - Creates magical fireworks displays. Incantation: Boom Bastia
  • Arcane Lightning - Incantation: Voltar Thundasir

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